Build Your Own All-Terrain Robot

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May 19, 2004


Mixed media product, 298 pages


007143741X / 9780071437417


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Main description

Remotely operated robots are becoming increasingly popular because they allow the operators to explore areas that may not normally be easily accessible. The use of video-controlled technology has sparked a growing public interest not just in hobbyists, but also in the areas of research, space, archeology, deep-sea exploration, and even the military. Significant changes in the technology marketplace have made the creation of an all-terrain, video controlled robot accessible to even the amateur robotic hobbyist. There are many robotics project books currently on the market, but most are targeted to hobbyists, and are strictly for indoor use. This book has the ideal mix of "brains and brawn," making it appealing to hobbyists and interested professionals alike.

Table of contents

Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1: An Introduction to Video-Controlled Robots Chapter 2: An Overview of the Technologies Used in This Book Chapter 3: Choosing the Right Parts for the Job Chapter 4: Planning and Building the Frame Chapter 5: Remote Control Operations Chapter 6: Motor-Speed Control Chapter 7: Video Cameras and Transmitters Chapter 8: Camera Control and Lighting Chapter 9: Safety and Obstacle Avoidance Chapter 10: All-Weather Body Design Chapter 11: Houston, We Have a Problem Chapter 12: Sources for Parts and Information Index

Author comments

Brad Graham is an inventor, robotics hobbyist, and founder and host of the Web site, which receives approximately 2500 hits a week. He is also the co-author of Atomic Zombie's Bicycle Builder's Bonanza, perhaps the most creative bicycle-building guide ever written. A computer and network professional with Freedom 2000 Complete Technical Services, which he co-founded with partner Kathy McGowan in 2000, Mr. Graham specializes in computer network setup and maintenance, custom programming, data storage and recovery, and security services.

Kathy McGowan provides logistical and marketing support for many robotics, bicycle, computer, and publishing projects through Freedom 2000 and She also manages the daily administrative operations of both companies and provides personal computer training, sales, and technical services. Additionally, Ms. McGowan is co-author of Atomic Zombie's Bicycle Builder's Bonanza.

Back cover copy


Imagine it -- a tough robot that travels where you can't (even in total darkness), sees what lies hidden from your eyes, reports back instantaneously with live color video and audio, and can even converse with the carbon-based life forms it encounters -- all for less than $200!

It's no dream. Once again, it's Brad Graham and Kathy McGowan to the rescue! The imaginative creators of the most original bike-builder's guide in the universe now bring their beginner-friendly, budget-savvy, heavily illustrated, and creativity-packed methods to the exciting world of robotics.

Inside Build Your Own All-Terrain Robot, Brad and Kathy help even total newcomers to robots and home workshops to construct a rugged, video-controlled, talking, seeing, interacting explorer 'bot with a range of over a mile for under $200!

This book may be the easy way into the world of video-controlled robotics, but it delivers exciting results! It gives you all the help you need to:

* Follow easy plans, illustrations, and instructions to build a talented, versatile, and rugged off-road robot
* Make your robot your alter-ego -- see what it sees, hear what it hears, and speak with anyone it meets
* Control you robot from a block away using a video link
* Customize the chassis to suit your own needs -- several design ideas are presented with a variety of options
* Develop an explorer robot with serious scientific capabilities
* Teach your robot to think for itself with free software
* And much, much more!

Whether you have serious scientific objectives or just want to surprise your pals, you don't have to dream of owning a video-controlled robot anymore. You can build a sophisticated 'bot for less than you ever imagined!

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