Insulating Concrete Forms Construction

Demand, Evaluation, & Technical Practice

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February 4, 2004


Hardback, 206 pages


0071430571 / 9780071430579


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Main description

Ever year, thousands of general contractors and subcontractors must grapple with whether to bid Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) projects, how much to charge for them, and how to manage the job. ICFs are stronger, energy-efficient, and offer great design flexibility, and their use is growing by 30% a year. This invaluable work walks the contractor through both business and technical considerations in evaluating and adopting Insulating Concrete Forms for both the residential and commercial markets.

* Details the entire ICF construction process
* Training and supplier information
* Actual job site experiences

Table of contents

PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTSINTRODUCTIONChapter 1: Advantages of ICF BuildingsChapter 2: Benefits to the ContractorChapter 3: Market DemandChapter 4: ICF ProductsChapter 5: Concrete and SteelChapter 6: The Construction ProcessChapter 7: Choosing Suppliers Chapter 8: TrainingChapter 9: Getting a Good ICF CrewChapter 10: Other Subcontractors Chapter 11: EstimatingChapter 12: Special Construction Awards ProgramsChapter 13: Working with Building Officials, Engineers, and ArchitectsChapter 14: MarketingChapter 15: Tips from the ProsChapter 16: The Future of ICF ConstructionINDEX

Author comments

Ivan S. Panushev is a licensed engineer who has researched ICFs for the past three years. He is a graduate of three ICF training programs and labored on several job sites to learn the details of ICF construction first-hand. His articles on ICFs have appeared in such magazines as Concrete Construction, and he is the author of the Prescriptive Method for Connecting Cold-Formed Steel Framing to Insulating Concrete Form Walls in Residential Construction.

Pieter A. VanderWerf, Ph.D., is an expert on insulating concrete forms in construction who has been researching the subject since 1993. A columnist for Permanent Buildings and Foundations, a trade industry publication, he is the co-author of two other books on insulating concrete forms: Insulating Concrete Forms for Residential Design and Construction and the Insulating Concrete Forms Construction Manual. He also co-authored The Portland Cement Association's Guide to Concrete Homebuilding Systems. (All three books are also published by McGraw-Hill.) He has served as general contractor on ICF homes and for a year he moderated an online ICF message board.

Back cover copy


Draft-defeating, quiet, energy-efficient, strong, durable, lightweight, easy to cut and piece together, stably priced, and offering design flexibility -- it's no wonder ICFs are being used in construction at a briskly growing 30% a year. If you want authoritative, detailed answers on whether insulating concrete forms are right for your business or project -- on what it's like to work with them -- on how they perform -- on installation or post-installation trades work -- you've come to the right place. Look inside for:

* The business and technical facts you need to make pro or con decisions about ICFs
* Construction process details, including plumbing and

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