Trenchless Technology

Pipeline and Utility Design, Construction, and Renewal

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December 27, 2004


Hardback, 489 pages


0071422668 / 9780071422666


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Main description

Trenchless technology allows for the installation or renewal of underground utility systems with minimum disruption of the surface. As water and wastewater systems age or must be redesigned in order to comply with environmental regulations, the demand for this technology has dramatically increased. This is a detailed reference covering construction details, design guidelines, environmental concerns, and the latest advances in equipment, methods, and materials.

* Design and analysis procedures
* Design equations
* Risk assessment
* Soil compatibility and more

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Overview and Comparison of Trenchless TechnologyChapter 2: Social Costs of Utility Construction: A Life Cycle Cost ApproachChapter 3: Pipeline Asset Management, Inspection, and CleaningChapter 4: Design Considerations for Trenchless Pipeline Construction MethodsChapter 5: Design Considerations for Trenchless Renewal MethodsChapter 6: Pipe MaterialsChapter 7: Horizontal Auger BoringChapter 8: Pipe RammingChapter 9: Pipe Jacking and Utility TunnelingChapter 10: Horizontal Directional DrillingChapter 11: Microtunneling MethodsChapter 12: Pilot Tube MicrotunnelingChapter 13: Cured-in-Place-PipeChapter 14: SlipliningChapter 15: Close-Fit PipeChapter 16: In-Line ReplacementChapter 17: Lateral RenewalChapter 18: Localized RepairChapter 19: Modified SlipliningChapter 20: Underground Coatings and LiningsChapter 21: Thermoformed PipeChapter 22: Sewer Manhole RenewalGLOSSARY OF TERMSACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONSCONVERSION TABLEAPPLICABLE STANDARDSINDEX

Author comments

Mohammad Najafi, Ph.D., P.E. is Assistant Professor and Director of Center for Underground Infrastructure Research, Trenchless Technology, Pipeline Construction & Renewal (CUIRE), at Michigan State University. From 1994 through 2002, he was the Technical Editor of No-Dig Engineering Journal.

He is host of the 5th International Trenchless Technology Colloquium held in March 2003, and technical chair of ASCE International Pipeline Conference being held in July 2003 in Baltimore.

Dr. Najafi is the co-editor of Trenchless Construction Methods and Soil Compatibility, and co-editor of the manual Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation, both published by the National Contractors Utility Association, as well as a research paper and the contribution of a chapter on Trenchless Technology for the Second Edition of Buried Pipe Design by Dr.Al Moser, published by McGraw-Hill in 2001.

Back cover copy


This comprehensive reference covers the latest techniques and materials for high-demand trenchless technology methods. Offering practical procedures, details on new tools and techniques, and analysis methods that can save pipeline owners, municipalities, and utilities thousands of dollars in costs and weeks of surface disruptions, this valuable resource offers dig-free answers that will help planners and engineers:

  • Locate and assess the condition of existing pipelines
  • Plan, design, and implement trenchless construction and renewal projects
  • Manage, assess risks, and prioritize underground pipeline and utility assets
  • Choose from a number of useful trenchless technologies
  • Apply field-tested analysis to projects
  • Manage social costs, environmental concerns, and safety issues
  • Get need-to-know answers on soil compatibility of trenchless construction
  • Discover the latest pipeline advances in equipment, methods, and materials for water, wastewater, gas, and oil applications
  • Learn trenchless construction methods, such as microtunneling, horizontal directional drilling, the pilot tube method, pipe ramming, horizontal auger boring, pipe jacking, and utility tunneling
  • Learn pipeline renewal methods, such as cured-in-place pipe, pipe bursting, sliplining, close-fit pipe, underground coatings and linings, panel linings, sewer laterals, localized repairs, modified sliplining, thermoformed pipe, and manhole renewal
  • Get practical answers from case studies and easy-to-read tables and charts

From need-to-know information on construction methods to design guidelines and regulatory help, Trenchless Technology is a priceless working tool for engineers tackling the dual challenges of aging infrastructures and new environmental mandates.

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