Get Ready! For Standardized Tests : Math Grade 2

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July 5, 2001


Electronic book text, 119 pages

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0071415351 / 9780071415354

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Main description

One of the areas of study students find most difficult to master--and are most fearful of--is math. Yet the core math skills acquired in the first four years of school form the basis of all future academic success. Get Ready for Standardized Tests, the first and only grade-specific test prep series, now features hands-on guidance on helping kids master the all-important basic math skills while arming parents with the tools they need to help their children succeed.

Table of contents

Skills Checklist. Introduction. Chapter 1: Test-Taking Basics. Chapter 2: Basic Facts. Chapter 3: Numeration. Chapter 4: Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction. Chapter 5: Time: Clocks and Calendars. Chapter 6: Money. Chapter 7: Measurement. Chapter 8: Geometry. Chapter 9: Fractions. Chapter 10: Multiplication and More. Appendix A: Web Sites and Resources for More Information. Appendix B: Read More About It. Appendix C: What Your Child's Test Scores Mean. Appendix D: Which States Require Which Tests. Appendix E: Testing Accommodations. Glossary. Answer Keys for Practice Skills. Sample Practice Test. Answer Key for Sample Practice Test.

Author comments

Kristin B. Swanson graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in elementary education/early childhood and received her master's degree in education from Kutztown University.

Carol Turkington, Series Editor, specializes in developmental psychology. Her articles on parenting and health have appeared in Parents, Psychology Today, and The New York Times.

Back cover copy

Ensure that your child gets the perfect start he or she deserves

The core math and reading skills acquired in the first four years of school form the foundation of all future academic success. And, like every good parent, you want to ensure that your son or daughter develops those skills in a timely fashion. The books in the Get Ready! for Standardized Tests series help you do just that.

Written by top education professionals, they arm you with proven tools and techniques for getting your child up to speed in grade-appropriate­­or better­­math and reading. Just as important, they help you to instill him or her with the confidence and test-taking know-how needed to shine in any of the standardized tests now administered nationwide.

In addition to clear explanations of what students must know to perform at or above grade level, what scores mean, and how schools use standardized tests, each grade-specific volume includes:

  • Dozens of sample problems, practice drills, and test-style exercises­­with fullyexplained solutions­­to help reinforce skills and take the anxiety out of testing
  • Tools for assessing skill levels and pinpointing problem areas
  • Creative techniques for helping kids master grade-appropriate concepts
  • Skill reviews at the end of each section for gauging progress
  • A full-length final test to measure proficiency and identify areas that need more work
  • Tips on how to create a learning-friendly environment at home

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