Elevated Work Platforms and Scaffolding

Job Site Safety Manual

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March 3, 2004


Hardback, 543 pages


0071414932 / 9780071414937


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Table of contents

PREFACEINTRODUCTIONPart IChapter 1: OSHA Regulations and Industry StandardsChapter 2: Accidents, Injuries, and Fatality StatisticsChapter 3: Selection & UseChapter 4: TrainingChapter 5: Supported Scaffolds -- Materials and MethodsChapter 6: Fall Protection During Erection and Use of ScaffoldsChapter 7: Electrocution on ScaffoldsChapter 8: Emergency Response and RescuePart II: Supported ScaffoldsChapter 9: Tubular-Frame Scaffolds -- Mason's FramesChapter 10: Tube and Coupler ScaffoldingChapter 11: Wood Pole ScaffoldsChapter 12: Pump Jack Scaffolds and Ladder Jack ScaffoldsChapter 13: Job-Manufactured Scaffolds and Form ScaffoldsPart III: Suspended Scaffolds -- General InformationChapter 14: Single-Point and Two-Point Suspension ScaffoldsChapter 15: Multiple Point Suspension ScaffoldsChapter 16: Adjustable Multi-Point Suspension ScaffoldsChapter 17: Outrigger Type ScaffoldingChapter 18: Manually Propelled Rolling TowersChapter 19: Aerial Work PlatformsChapter 20: StairwaysChapter 21: LaddersAPPENDIX A: GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR SCAFFOLDINGAPPENDIX B: SAFETY STANDARDS FOR AERIAL LIFTSAPPENDIX C: SAFETY STANDARDS FOR SPECIFIC SCAFFOLDSAPPENDIX D: SCAFFOLD CONSTRUCTIONAPPENDIX E: SCAFFOLD HAZARDSAPPENDIX F: SCAFFOLD SPECIFICATIONSAPPENDIX G: SCAFFOLD SHORING AND FORMING INSTITUTEAPPENDIX H: MOST FREQUENT CITATIONSAPPENDIX I: CALCULATING SCAFFOLD PLANKSAPPENDIX J: OSHA-APPROVED SAFETY AND HEALTH PLANSAPPENDIX K: MULTIEMPLOYER DIRECTIVEAPPENDIX L: OSHA REGIONAL OFFICESAPPENDIX M: GLOSSARY

Author comments

Matthew J. Burkart, P.E., is president of his own consulting firm, Aegis Corporation. He has been involved in construction litigation and has served as an expert witness for OSHA and many of the country's most well-known law firms. A widely published author, he also serves on many committees governing the construction industry.

Daniel M. Paine has extensive knowledge in the field of fall protection. He has served as president of Sinoco, one of the major fall prevention device manufacturers and providers. Currently, he is a consultant, and president of Innovative Safety Products, Ltd. He serves on many committees and is highly regarded among his peers.

Back cover copy

Hundreds of illustrations!


Nowhere is construction site safety more at a premium than on elevated work platforms and scaffoldings. Elevated Work Platforms: Job Site Safety Manual, demonstrates how to keep these areas as accident-free as possible.

Written with authority by a trio of construction site safety experts, this heavily illustrated reference promotes safety through knowledge, correct equipment usage, and the careful application of construction regulations and standards. With a special emphasis on fall protection and collapse, you get:

* Informative tip boxes throughout the book
* Erection, inspection, working-on, and disassembly requirements
* Inspection checklists
* Examples of malfunction and accidents
* OSHA regulations and industry standards for specific equipment
* And more!

Perfect for architects, engineers, contractors, and attorneys, Elevated Work Platforms: Job Site Safety Manual is the one volume you need to stay on top of this essential construction site safety issue!

Featured Inside:
Supported Scaffolds
Suspended Scaffolds
Mobile Scaffolds
Aerial Lifts and Elevating & Rotating Platform Scaffolds

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