Boater's Bowditch: The Small Craft American Practical Navigator

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June 20, 2000


Mixed media product, 416 pages


0071361367 / 9780071361361


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Main description

Emphasizing the visual and graphic techniques of navigation, Boater's Bowditch is a small-boat adaptation of the world's most trusted navigation reference, the U.S. government's American Practical Navigator ("Bowditch" for short).

Now in handy paperback with hundreds of new diagrams and photographs, including a 16-page color insert, this book is a pleasure to use. It covers piloting, celestial navigation, marine weather, and all modern methods of electronic navigation, such as GPS and electronic charts. The Boater's Bowditch is an indispensable resource for beginning and advanced navigators, whether in sail- or powerboats, inshore or offshore.

Table of contents

Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Part 1: Fundamentals of Navigation 1. Basic Navigational Concepts 2. Buoys, Beacons, and Lights 3. The Compass 4. Tides 5. Dead Reckoning 6. Piloting Part 2: Electronic Navigation 7. Radio Waves in Navigation 8. Satellite Navigation 9. Loran-C Navigation 10. Radar Navigation 11. Electronic Charts Part 3: Celestial Navigation 12. Navigational Astronomy 13. The Sextant 14. Time 15. The Almanacs 16. Sight Reduction 17. Practical Techniques in Navigation Part 4: Navigation Safety 18. Navigation Rules and Regulations 19. Navigation Safety 20. Marine Weather 21. Oceanography Tables Glossary Bibliography Index

Author comments

Richard K. Hubbard navigated everything from large coast guard cutters to class A ocean racing yachts and square-riggers for 11 years. Since 1979 he has worked for the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (formerly the Defense Mapping Agency), where today he is a Marine Analyst. He also writes for professional maritime journals and sailing magazines, and remains an active sailor. He was the editor of the 1995 edition of Pub. No. 9, the American Practical Navigator. Boater's Bowditch is the result of a lifetime of sailing, writing, and navigation study.

Back cover copy

Emphasizing the visual and graphic techniques of navigation, Boater's Bowditch is a small-boat adaptation of the preeminent navigation reference for commercial and naval sailors, the U.S. government's American Practical Navigator ("Bowditch" for short, after the editor and writer of the first edition published in 1802). With hundreds of diagrams and photographs, this handy book is an indispensable resource for beginning and advanced navigators. It explains in plain English all the basic and most practical concepts and techniques used by professional navigators. It's the first truly comprehensive guide to modern navigation tools such as GPS and electronic charts.

Boater's Bowditch fulfills Nathaniel Bowditch's original vow "to put down in the book nothing I can't teach the crew."

"What John Wycliffe did to the Bible in the 14th century, Hubbard has done to the American Practical Navigator, bringing it down to a level most people can understand."--­Ocean Navigator

"Hubbard has done an excellent job. I have been operating small boats on our waters for at least the last 20 years, and virtually every chapter told me something that was not only interesting but in many cases new to me."--­­Greenwich Time

"If you have been put off by navigation texts in the past, here is one which was intended to make navigation easy and understandable."--­Dockside

"It covers every essential element of navigation know-how in clear, concise explanations. . . . Novices and experienced sailors alike will appreciate the book's logical organization."--­­Mariner

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