Mastering Math for the Building Trades

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July 20, 2000


Mixed media product, 368 pages


0071360239 / 9780071360234


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Main description

Instant answers to any construction-related math question. In the office or out in the field, Mastering Math for the Building Trades, by James Gerhart gives you a perfect tool for accurately performing the calculations required in all the major building trades. Down-to-earth explanations, easy-to-memorize tips and tricks of the trade, worked examples, illustrations and tables make everyday number crunching easier, giving you the step-by-step help you need to complete estimates, meet deadlines, and satisfy new customers. Whether you're an old pro or apprentice...contractor, tradesperson or supplier...whether you're building, repairing, or'll find ready answers for: grading and excavating; concrete and other masonry work; septic systems; fluid mechanics; metal framing; engineered beams; fiber optic cabling; estimating software; floor framing and covering; roofing; finishing interiors; heating and cooling; plumbing; electrical; more!

Table of contents

Math and the building trades. Measuring tools. Basic math for estimating. Grading and excavating math. Math for concrete & other masonry work. Math for floor framing & covering. Math for wall framing. Roofing math. Math used for finishing interiors. Math for heating & cooling. Plumbing math. Math for the electrician. Summary of construction math procedures. Appendices.

Author comments

James Gerhart is experienced in residential construction, working for a number of years as a project coordinator. He built his reputation, however, teaching subjects such as math, estimating, scheduling, blueprint reading, and surveying to vocational and construction management studies students.

Back cover copy


*Down-to-earth explanations
*Easy-to-remember tips & tricks
*Formulas and calculations for construction, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing, and more
*Packed with examples
*Metric conversion tables

Get the math you need for framing a wall, spacing beams, figuring water flow, sizing wiring, mixing concrete, preparing estimates, determining loan costs--just about any calculation in the building trades. A complete, compact self-study course, Mastering Math for the Building Trades even helps with tools, from steel square and surveyor's transit to calculators and computers.

Here to help you meet deadlines, avoid costly and wasteful errors, write better estimates and plans, and have happier customers, this self-teaching tool provides the answers you want, in the office or in the field.

New in This Edition:
*All New Examples & Illustrations
*Self-Test Q & A's
*HVAC Load Calculations
*Thermal Performance Calculations
*Fiber Optic Cabling Formulas
*Guidance on Estimating Software

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