Handbook of Heat Transfer

Handbook of Heat Transfer
By:Hartnett, James; Rohsenow, Warren; Cho, Young;
Pub Date:May 22nd 1998
Format:Hardback 1344 pages
ISBN:0070535558 / 9780070535558
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Main description

This wholly revised edition of a classic handbook reference, written by some of the most eminent practitioners in the field, is designed to be your all-in-one source book on heat transfer issues and problem-solving. It includes the latest advances in the field, as well as covering subjects from microscale heat transfer to thermophysical properties of new refrigerants. An invaluable guide to this most crucial factor in virtually every industrial and environmental process.

Table of contents



Chapter 1-Basic Concepts of Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer Mechanisms

Combined Heat Transfer Mechanisms

Conservation Equations

The Equation of Continuity
The Equation of Motion (Momentum Equation)
The Energy Equation
The Conservation Equations for Species
Use of Conservation Equations to Set Up Problems

Dimensionless Groups and Similarity in Heat Transfer

Units and Conversion Factors



Chapter 2-Thermophysical Properties

Conversion Factors

Thermophysical Properties of Gases

Thermophysical Properties of Liquids

Thermophysical Properties of Solids

Thermophysical Properties of Saturated Refrigerants




Selected Additional Sources of Thermophysical Properties

Chapter 3-Conduction and Thermal Contact Resistance (Conductances)


Basic Equations, Definitions, and Relationships

Shape Factors
Shape Factors for Ellipsoids: Integral Form for Numerical Calculations
Shape Factors for Three-Dimensional Bodies in Unbounded Domains
Three-Dimensional Bodies with Layers: Langmuir Method
Shape Factors for Two-Dimensional Systems

Transient Conduction

Internal Transient Conduction
Lumped Capacitance Model
Heisler and Grober Charts--Single-Term Approximations
Multidimensional Systems
Transient One-Dimensional Conduction in Half-Spaces
External Transient Conduction from Long Cylinders
Transient External Conduction from Spheres
Instantaneous Thermal Resistance
Transient External Conduction from Isothermal Convex Bodies

Spreading (Constriction) Resistance

Definitions of Spreading Resistance
Spreading Resistance of Isoflux Arbitrary Areas on Half-Space
Circular Annular Contact Areas on Half-Space
Doubly Connected Isoflux Contact Areas on Half-Space
Effect of Contact Conductance on Spreading Resistance
Spreading Resistance in Flux Tubes and Channels
Effect of Flux Distribution on Circular Contact Area on Half-Space
Simple Correlation Equations of Spreading Resistance for Circular Contact Area
Accurate Correlation Equations for Various Combinations of Contact Area, Flux Tubes, and Boundary Condition
General Spreading Resistance Expression for Circular Annular Area on Circular Flux Tube
Spreading Resistance within Two-Dimensional Channels
Effect of Single and Multiple Layers (Coatings) on Spreading Resistance
Circular Contact Area on Single Layer (Coating) on Half-Space
Circular Contact Area on Multiple Layers on Circular Flux Tube
Transient Spreading Resistance
Transient Spreading Resistance of Isoflux Hyperellipse Contact Area on Half-Space
Transient Spreading Resistance of Isoflux regular Polygonal Contact Area on Half-Space
Transient Spreading Resistance Within Semi-Infinite Flux Tubes and Channels

Contact, Gap, and Joint Resistances and Contact Conductances

Point and Line Contact Models
Thermal Contact, Gap, and Joint Conductance Models
Gap Conductance Model and Integral




Chapter 4-Natural Convection



Equations of Motion and Their Simplification
Problem Classification
Heat Transfer Correlation Method

External Natural Convection

Flat Plates

Open Cavity Problems

Cooling Channels
Extended Surfaces

Natural Convection within Enclosures

Geometry and List of Parameters for Cavities Without Interior Solids
The Conduction Layer Model
Horizontal Rectangular Parallelepiped and Circular Cylinder Cavities
Heat Transfer in Vertical Rectangular Parallelepiped Cavites: zero-ninety degrees
Heat Transfer in Inclined Rectangular Cavities
Heat Transfer in Enclosures with Interior Solids at Prescribed Temperature Transient Natural Convection
External Transient Convection
Internal Transient Convection

Natural Convection with Internal Generation

Internal Problems

Convection in Porous Media

Properties and Dimensionless Groups
External Heat Transfer Correlations
Internal Heat Transfer Correlations

Mixed Convection

External Flows
Internal Flows




Chapter 5-Forced Convection, Internal Flow in Ducts


Scope of the Chapter
Characteristics of Laminar Flow in Ducts
Characteristics of Turbulent Flow in Ducts
Hydraulic Diameter
Fluid Flow Parameters
Heat Transfer Parameters
Thermal Boundary Conditions

Circular Ducts

Laminar Flow
Turbulent Flow
Transition Flow

Concentric Annular Ducts

Four Fundamental Thermal Boundary Conditions
Laminar Flow
Turbulent Flow

Parallel Plate Ducts

Laminar Flow
Turbulent Flow

Rectangular Ducts

Laminar Flow
Turbulent Flow

Triangular Ducts

Laminar Flow
Turbulent Flow

Elliptical Ducts

Laminar Flow
Turbulent Flow

Curved Ducts and Helicoidal Pipes

Fully Developed Laminar Flow
Developing Laminar Flow
Turbulent Flow in Coils with Circular Cross Sections
Fully Developed Laminar Flow in Curved, Square, and Rectangular Ducts
Fully Developed Turbulent Flow in Curved, Rectangular, and Square Ducts
Laminar Flow in Coiled Annular Ducts
Laminar Flow in Curved Ducts with Elliptic Cross Sections

Longitudinal Flow Between Cyclinders

Laminar Flow
Fully Developed Turbulent Flow

Internally Finned Tubes

Circular Ducts with Thin Longitudinal Fins
Square Ducts with Thin Longitudinal Fins
Rectangular Ducst with Longitudinal Fins from Opposite Walls
Circular Ducts with Longitudinal Triangular Fins
Circular Ducts with Twisted Tape
Semicircular Ducts with Internal Fins
Elliptical Ducts with Internal Longitudinal Fins

Other Singly Connected Ducts

Sine Ducts
Trapezoidal Ducts
Rhombic Ducts
Quadrilateral Ducts
Regular Polygonal Ducts
Circular Sector Ducts
Circular Segment Ducts
Annular Sector Ducts
Stadium-Shaped Ducts
Moon-Shaped Ducts
Corrugated Ducts
Parallel Plate Ducts with Spanwise Periodic Corrugations at One Wall
Cusped Ducts
Cardioid Ducts
Unusual Singly Connected Ducts

Other Doubly Connected Ducts

Confocal Elliptical Ducts
Regular Polygonal Ducts with Centered Circular Cores
Circular Ducts with Centered Regular Polygonal Cores
Isosceles Triangular Ducts with Inscribed Circular Cores
Elliptical Ducts with Centered Circular Cores

Concluding Remarks



Chapter 6-Forced Convection, External Flows


Definition of Terms

Two-Dimensional Laminar Boundary Layer

Two-Dimensional Boundary Layers

Transitional Boundary Layers

Complex Configurations



Chapter 7-Radiation


Radiation Intensity and Flux
Blackbody Radiation
Nonblack Surfaces and Materials

Radiative Exchange: Enclosures Containing a Nonparticipating Medium

Black Surfaces
Exchange Among Gray Diffuse Surfaces

Radiative Exchange with a Participating Medium

Fundamentals and Definitions
Solution Techniques for the RTE
Solutions to Benchmark Problems

Radiative Properties for Participating Media

Radiative Properties of Gases
Radiative Properties of Particulates
Radiative Properties of Porous Materials
Radiative Properties of Semitransparent Materials

Combined Modes with Radiation

The General Energy Equation
Interaction with Conduction and Convection
Interaction with Combustion and Turbulence

Closing Remarks

Appendix A: Radiative Property Tables

Appendix B: Radiation Configuration Factors



Chapter 8-Microscale Transport Phenomena


Time and Length Scales

Kinetic Theory

Thermal Conductivity of Crystalline and Amorphous Solids

Boltzmann Transport Theory

General Formulation
Fourier and Ohm's Laws
Hyperbolic Heat Equation
Mass, Momentum, and Energy Conservation--Hydrodynamic Equations
Equation of Radiative Transfer for Photons and Phonons

Nonequilibrium Energy Transfer

Joule Heating in High-Field Electronic Devices
Radiative Heating by Ultrashort Laser Pulses




Chapter 9-Heat Transfer in Porous Media


Single-Phase Flow

Conduction Heat Transfer
Convection Heat Transfer
Radiation Heat Transfer
Two-Medium Treatment

Two-Phase Flow

Momentum Equations for Liquid-Gas Glow
Local Volume Averaging of Energy Equation
Effective Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Dispersion

Phase Change

Condensation at Vertical Impermeable Bounding Surfaces
Evaporation at Vertical Impermeable Bounding Surfaces
Evaporation at Horizontal Impermeable Bounding Surfaces
Evaporation at Thin Porous-Layer-Coated Surfaces
Melting and Solidification




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