Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography

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April 3, 2009


Hardback, 482 pages


0071549188 / 9780071549189


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Main description

Master Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Techniques

Produce high-density, ultrafast microchips using the latest EUVL methods. Written by industry experts, Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography details the equipment, materials, and procedures required to radically extend fabrication capabilities to wavelengths of 32 nanometers and below. Work with masks and resists, configure high-reflectivity mirrors, overcome power and thermal challenges, enhance resolution, and minimize wasted energy. You will also learn how to use Mo/Si deposition technology, fine-tune performance, and optimize cost of ownership. 

  • Design EUVL-ready photomasks, resist layers, and source-collector modules
  • Assemble optical components, mirrors, microsteppers, and scanners
  • Harness laser-produced and discharge pulse plasma sources
  • Enhance resolution using proximity correction and phase-shift
  • Generate modified illumination using holographic elements
  • Measure critical dimensions using metrology and scatterometry
  • Deploy stable Mo/Si coatings and high-sensitivity multilayers
  • Handle mask defects, layer imperfections, and thermal instabilities

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Wigner Distribution in Optics
Chapter 2. Ambiguity Function in Optical Engineering
Chapter 3. Rotations in Phase Space
Chapter 4. The Radon-Wigner Transform in Analysis, Design, and Processing of Optical Signals
Chapter 5. Imaging Systems: Phase-Space Representations
Chapter 6. Super Resolved Imaging in Wigner-Based Phase Space
Chapter 7. Radiometry, Wave Optics, and Spatial Coherence
Chapter 8. Rays and Waves
Chapter 9. Self-Imaging in Phase Space
Chapter 10. Sampling and Phase Space
Chapter 11. Phase Space in Ultrafast Optics

Author comments

Banqiu Wu, Ph.D., is Chief Technology Officer, Mask Products Division, Applied Materials, Inc.

Ajay Kumar, Ph.D., is General Manager, Cleans and Mask Products Business Group, Applied Materials, Inc.

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