C: The Complete Reference

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May 17, 2000


Mixed media product, 805 pages

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Main description

Another gem from Herb Schildt--best-selling programming author with more than 2.5 million books sold! C: The Complete Reference, Fourth Edition gives you full details on C99, the New ANSI/ISO Standard for C. You'll get in-depth coverage of the C language and function libraries as well as all the newest C features, including restricted pointers, inline functions, variable-length arrays, and complex math. This jam-packed resource includes hundreds of examples and sample applications.

Table of contents

Part I: Foundational C. 1. An Overview of C. 2. Expressions. 3. Statements. 4. Arrays and Strings. 5. Pointers. 6. Functions. 7. Structures, Unions, Enumerations, and typedef. 8. Console I/O. 9. File I/O. 10. The Preprocessor and Comments. Part II: The C99 Standard. 11. C99. Part III: The C Standard Library. 12. Linking, Libraries, and Headers. 13. I/O Functions. 14. String and Character Functions. 15. Mathematical Functions. 16. Time, Date, and Localization Functions. 17. Dynamic Allocation Functions. 18. Utility Functions. 19. Wide-Character Functions. 20. Library Features Added by C99. Part IV: Algorithms and Applications. 21. Sorting and Searching. 22. Queues, Stacks, Linked Lists, and Trees. 23. Sparse Arrays. 24. Expression Parsing and Evaluation. 25. AI-Based Problem Solving. 26. Building a Windows 2000 Skeleton. 27. Software Engineering Using C. 28. Efficiency, Porting, and Debugging. Part VI: A C Interpreter. 29. A C Interpreter.

Author comments

Herbert Schildt is a leading authority on C and was a member of the ANSI/ISO committee that standardized C. He is the author of Teach Yourself C, C++: The complete Reference, Windows 2000 Programming from the Ground Up, Java: The Complete Reference, and many other best-sellers.

Back cover copy

The Ultimate Resource on C--Thoroughly Updated for the New C Standard.

A new ANSI/ISO standard for C, called C99, has been recently adopted and Herb Schildt, the world's leading programming author, has updated and expanded his best-selling reference on C to cover it. Whether you are a beginning C programmer or a seasoned pro, the answers to all your C questions can be found in this one-stop resource. In this authoritative guide, Schildt details the C language, its libraries, and applications, providing insider tips, hundreds of examples, and expertly crafted explanations. As a special bonus, the book concludes by developing a C interpreter, which you can use as-is or expand on your own! And just as you'd expect, everything is presented in the clear, concise, uncompromising style that has made Herb the choice of millions.

Inside you'll find:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the C language, including both C89 (the original version of C) and the new features added by C99
  • Detailed explanations of each keyword, data type, and operator
  • In-depth discussions of pointers, disk I/O, and dynamic allocation
  • Complete descriptions of the entire C function library
  • Descriptions of the new features added by C99, such as restricted pointers, Boolean and complex data types, the inline keyword, variable-length arrays, and the long data types
  • Real-world algorithms and applications, such as stacks, queues, trees, sparse arrays, and sorting. You'll even learn about Al-based searching techniques
  • Tips on working efficiently in the C programming environment
  • Advice on porting and debugging
  • Complete source code for a C interpreter that you can use as-is enhance to fit your needs

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