2011 National Electrical Code Chapter-By-Chapter

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August 26, 2011


Mixed media product, 414 pages

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Main description


Written by a Master Electrician, 2011 National Electrical Code Chapter-by-Chapter offers an in-depth analysis of the NEC with particular attention to the order in which various elements appear. This practical resource provides the knowledge you need to pass the Master Electrician's License Exam the first time by helping you understand the structure and logic of the NEC rather than memorize all the details. Material that appears outside the NEC main body, including the index, annexes, and Article 90, is also discussed in this essential handbook.

2011 National Electrical Code Chapter-by-Chapter covers:

  • General
  • Wiring and Protection
  • Wiring Methods and Materials
  • Equipment for General Use
  • Special Occupancies
  • Special Equipment
  • Special Conditions
  • Communications Systems
  • Tables

Table of contents

Chapter 1. NEC Chapter 1, General
Article 100
Article 110
Chapter 2. NEC Chapter 2, Wiring and Protection
Article 210
Article 215
Article 220
Article 220
Article 225
Article 230
Article 240
Article 250
Article 280
Article 285
Chapter 3. NEC Chapter 3, Wiring Methods and Materials
Article 300
Article 310
Article 314
Articles 320 through 399
Chapter 4. NEC Chapter 4, Equipment for General Use
Article 430
Chapter 5. NEC Chapter 5, Special Occupancies
Article 500
Article 501
Article 502
Article 503
Article 504
Article 505
Article 506
Article 510
Article 511
Articles 513 through 516
Article 517
Chapter 6. NEC Chapter 6, Special Equipment
Article 690
Article 694
Chapter 7. NEC Chapter 7, Special Conditions
Article 725
Chapter 8. NEC Chapter 8, Communications Systems
Article 800
Article 810
Article 820
Article 830
Article 840
Chapter 9. NEC Chapter 9, Tables
Afterword: Profitability and Ethics

Author comments

David Herres, owner and operator of a residential and commercial construction company, obtained a Journeyman Electrician’s License in 1975. He has certificates in welding and wetland delineation. Beginning in 2001, Mr. Herres has focused primarily on electrical work, upgrading his license to Master status. The author of a 2006 article for EC&M on complimentary wiring methods, he has written nearly 40 articles on electrical and telecom wiring.

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