The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing

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September 2, 2005


Electronic book text, 576 pages

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0071588965 / 9780071588966

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Main description

Whether you want to learn lockpicking or locksmithing, or choose locks that are virtually impossible to defeat, this classic will meet your needs. The top reference in the field since 1976, this book is perfect for everyone from beginners who want to master techniques step by illustrated step, to pros who need an up-to-date, comprehensive shop manual. The Sixth Edition features: •Complete, illustrated coverage from a master locksmith. •Techniques and tips for lockpicking and fixing. •Safe opening and servicing techniques. •Coverage of electronic and high-security mechanical locks. •Auto lock opening and servicing how-tos. •An all-new Registered Locksmith test. •How to conduct a home security survey •How to start and run a locksmithing business, or get hired as a locksmith.

Table of contents

FOREWORD BY GREG MANGO, EDITOR, THE NATIONAL LOCKSMITH PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 1. A Short History of the Lock 2. Tools of the Trade 3. Types of Locks and Keys 4. Warded Locks 5. Lever Tumbler Locks 6. Disc Tumbler Locks 7. Pin Tumbler Locks 8. High-Security Mechanical Locks 9. Masterkeying 10. Detention Locks and Hardware 11. Buying and Selling Safes 12. Keyed Padlocks 13. Home and Business Services 14. Lock Picking and Impressioning 15. Servicing Automotive Locks 16. Opening Locked Cars 17. Emergency and Forced Entry Procedures 18. Combination Locks 19. Electrical Access and Exit Control Systems 20. Working as a Locksmith 21. Key Duplicating Machines 22. Test Your Knowledge 23. Making Locks by Hand 24. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Appendix A: Manufacturers Appendix B: Locksmith Suppliers' Profiles and Addresses Appendix C: Miscellaneous Important Addresses, Phone Numbers, Web Sites Appendix D: Locksmithing Schools and Training Programs Appendix E: Depth and Space Charts INDEX ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Author comments

Bill Phillips is the leading author of locksmithing books, including this best-selling classic. He also wrote McGraw-Hill's Locksmithing, a part of the Craftmaster series, and the Complete Book of Electronic Security, also from McGraw-Hill. Mr. Phillips is the author of the "Lock" article in the 1998-2005 editions of the World Book Encyclopedia, and has written hundreds of security-related articles for professional and general-circulation periodicals, including Home Mechanix, Los Angeles Times, Consumers Digest, and others. He is president of the International Association of Home Safety and Security Professionals.

Back cover copy

Featuring an all-new test for the RPL exam!

Whether you want to learn lockpicking or locksmithing -- or want to choose locks that are virtually impossible to defeat -- Bill Phillips' classic The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing is perfect. For years the top reference in the field, this book suits everyone from beginners who want to master techniques step by illustrated step, to pros who need an up-to-date, all-inclusive shop manual. This an insider's guide to every facet of the world of mechanical security.

Great for independent or classroom study, the Sixth Edition features:

  • Comprehensive illustrated coverage from a master locksmith
  • The perfect tool for teaching yourself lockpicking and lock fixing
  • Buying and selling safes
  • Coverage of electronic and high-security mechanical locks
  • Auto lock opening and servicing how-to's
  • Lockmaking instructions
  • An all new registered professional locksmith exam
  • Lists of tool and equipment sources
  • PLUS NEW instruction on key impressioning; home security surveys; getting hired as a locksmith; testing your knowledge; and running a locksmith business

"It's hard to find technical details on this subject: locksmiths are relatively close-mouthed about the craft of their trade. Laypeople to professionals will thus find this a winning reference: it covers all types of locks and keys from old-fashioned to modern electromagnetic locks and vending machines, providing the basics of locksmithing and different system operations." -- Midwest Book Review, on a previous edition

* A short history of the Lock * Types of Locks and Keys * Warded Locks * Lever Tumbler Locks * Disc Tumbler Locks * Pin Tumbler Locks * High-Security Mechanical Locks * Lockpicking * Key Impressioning * Masterkeying * Detention Locks and Hardware * Buying and Selling Safes * Keyed Padlocks * Home and Business Services * Auxiliary Door Locks * Office Locks * Automobile Locks * Emergency Entry * Combination Locks * Electricity for Locksmiths * Electrical Access and Exit Control Systems * Key Duplicating Machines * Test Your Knowledge * Making Locks by Hand * Conducting a Home Security Survey * Getting Hired as a Locksmith * Starting and Running a Locksmithing Business * Answers to Frequently Asked Questions * Appendices: Lock and Safe Manufacturers; Locksmith Suppliers' Profiles and Addresses; Miscellaneous Important Addresses/Phone Numbers; Plug Follower and Holder Diameters for Popular Locks * Glossary

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