HVAC Instant Answers (eBook)

HVAC Instant Answers
By:Breth, Newton; Curtiss, Peter;
Pub Date:July 22nd 2002
Format:Electronic book text 514 pages
ISBN:0071409491 / 9780071409490
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The book will be published in a flexible, 5" x 8" format filled with schematic system layouts and graphics showing how commonly measured data can be used to identify operating problems with the HVAC equipment. It is expected that about one quarter to one third of the book will be line drawing system schematics, graphics showing expected data in fault and no-fault states, and a few photographs of systems (used only when such a figure is required for clarifying points made in the text.)

Table of contents


About the Authors

Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview

Chapter 2: Air and Ducts

Chapter 3: Water, Steam, and Pipes

Chapter 4: Electricity and Wiring

Chapter 5: Measurement and Control

Chapter 6: Pumps and Valves

Chapter 7: Water Distribution Systems

Chapter 8: Chillers

Chapter 9: Air-Cooled Condensers and Cooling Towers

Chapter 10: Thermal Energy Storage Systems

Chapter 11: Boilers

Chapter 12: Steam Distribution Systems

Chapter 13: Fans and Dampers

Chapter 14: Air-Handling Units

Chapter 15: Air Distribution Systems

Chapter 16: Zone Terminal Systems

Chapter 17: Evaporative Cooling

Chapter 18: Residential Systems

Appendix A: Tools for the Technicians

Appendix B: Using Multimeters





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