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July 22, 2002


Electronic book text, 514 pages


0071409491 / 9780071409490

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Main description

* Packed with schematic system layouts and graphics illustrating how daa can be used to identify operating problems with the HVAC equipment * Includes descriptions of common symptoms, controls, and problems

Table of contents

Acknowledgments About the Authors Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview Chapter 2: Air and Ducts Chapter 3: Water, Steam, and Pipes Chapter 4: Electricity and Wiring Chapter 5: Measurement and Control Chapter 6: Pumps and Valves Chapter 7: Water Distribution Systems Chapter 8: Chillers Chapter 9: Air-Cooled Condensers and Cooling Towers Chapter 10: Thermal Energy Storage Systems Chapter 11: Boilers Chapter 12: Steam Distribution Systems Chapter 13: Fans and Dampers Chapter 14: Air-Handling Units Chapter 15: Air Distribution Systems Chapter 16: Zone Terminal Systems Chapter 17: Evaporative Cooling Chapter 18: Residential Systems Appendix A: Tools for the Technicians Appendix B: Using Multimeters Nomenclature Bibliography Index

Author comments

PETER SCOTT CURTISS is a professional engineer specializing in energy use simulation and analysis, process control, and distributed generation modeling. Mr. Curtiss has a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado and his writings have been published in various publications including ASHRAE Transactions and ASME proceedings.

NEWTON BRETH is part of the Facilities Management Department at the University of Colorado and has over three decades experience in troubleshooting and diagnosing HVAC problems. Mr. Breth is a member of the Instrument Society of America and manages his own company, Unique Solutions, LLC.

Back cover copy


Here’s a single-source reference that provides quick accurate answers to even the toughest HVAC questions! Portable, simple, well-illustrated and with just enough text to get the job done, HVAC Instant Answers provides fingertip access to the HVAC solutions needed to solve even the most difficult problem – in a flash.

Packed with schematic diagrams, system layouts, flowcharts, and graphics for the quickest, most understandable solution possible, HVAC Instant Answers is both a great learning tool for those entering the field as well as a reliable reference from which even experienced pros will learn something. You’ll find crystal-clear descriptions of common symptoms, controls, and problems – along with the best solution.

HVAC Instant Answers will tell you exactly what to do when problems occur with:

* Air distribution systems
* Central cooling plants
* Compressors
* Condensers and cooling towers
* Converters
* Fans and Pumps
* Rooftop units
* Steam distribution
* Thermal energy storage systems
* Valves and dampers
* Water loops
* Zones

You’ll also find a handy list of tools, sensor specification charts, and just about everything else you need to get the job done right.

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