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January 26, 2010


Hardback, 944 pages


0077349911 / 9780077349912


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Main description

The Barnett, Ziegler, Byleen, and Sobecki College Algebra series is designed to be user friendly and to maximize student comprehension by emphasizing computational skills, ideas, and problem solving as opposed to mathematical theory. Suitable for either one or two semester college algebra with trigonometry or precalculus courses, Precalculus introduces a unit circle approach to trigonometry and includes a chapter on limits to provide students with a solid foundation for calculus concepts. The large number of pedagogical devices employed in this text will guide a student through the course. Integrated throughout the text, students and instructors will find Explore-Discuss boxes which encourage students to think critically about mathematical concepts. In each section, the worked examples are followed by matched problems that reinforce the concept being taught. In addition, the text contains an abundance of exercises and applications that will convince students that math is useful. A MathZone site featuring algorithmic exercises, videos, and other resources accompanies the text.

Table of contents

Precalculus 7e CHAPTER R: BASIC ALGEBRAIC OPERATIONS R-1 Algebra and Real Numbers R-2 Exponents and Radicals R-3 Polynomials: Basic Operations and Factoring R-4 Rational Expressions: Basic Operations Chapter R Review CHAPTER 1: EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES 1-1 Linear Equations and Applications 1-2 Linear Inequalities 1-3 Absolute Value 1-4 Complex Numbers 1-5 Quadratic Equations and Applications 1-6 Equations Involving Radicals Chapter 1 Group Activity: Solving a Cubic Equation Chapter 1 Review CHAPTER 2: GRAPHS 2-1 Rectangular Coordinates 2-2 Distance in the Plane 2-3 Equations of a Line 2-4 Linear Equations and Models Chapter 2 Group Activity: Rates of Change Chapter 2 Review CHAPTER 3: FUNCTIONS 3-1 Functions 3-2 Graphing Functions 3-3 Transformations of Functions 3-3 Quadratic Functions 3-5 Combining Functions; Composition 3-6 Inverse Functions Chapter 3 Group Activity: Mathematical Modeling - Choosing a Long-Distance Calling Plan Chapter 3 Review 1, 2, & 3 Cumulative Review Exercises CHAPTER 4: POLYNOMIAL AND RATIONAL FUNCTIONS 4-1 Polynomial Functions And Models 4-2 Real Zeros and Polynomial Inequalities 4-3 Complex Zeros and Rational Zeros of Polynomials 4-4 Rational Functions and Inequalities 4-5 Variation and Modeling Chapter 4 Group Activity: Interpolating Polynomials Chapter 4 Review CHAPTER 5: EXPONENTIAL AND LOGARITHMIC FUNCTIONS 5-1 Exponential Functions 5-2 Exponential Models 5-3 Logarithmic Functions 5-4 Logarithmic Models 5-5 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations Chapter 5 Group Activity: Growth of Increasing Functions Chapter 5 Review 4 & 5 Cumulative Review Exercises CHAPTER 6: TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS 6-1 Angles and Their Measure 6-2 Trigonometric Functions: A Unit Circle Approach 6-3 Solving Right Triangles 6-4 Trigonometric Functions: Properties and Graphs 6-5 More General Trigonometric Functions 6-6 Inverse Trigonometric Functions Chapter 6 Group Activity: A Predator-Prey Analysis Involving Mountain Lions and Deer Chapter 6 Review CHAPTER 7: TRIGONOMETRIC IDENTITIES AND CONDITIONAL EQUATIONS 7-1 Basic Identities and Their Use 7-2 Sum, Difference, and Cofunction Identities 7-3 Double-Angle and Half-Angle Identities 7-4 Product-Sum and Sum-Product Identities 7-5 Trigonometric Equations Chapter 7 Group Activity: From M sin Bt + N cos Bt to A sin(Bt + C) - A Harmonic Analysis Tool Chapter 7 Review CHAPTER 8: ADDITIONAL TOPICS IN TRIGONOMETRY 8-1 Law of Sines 8-2 Law of Cosines 8-3 Vectors in the Plane 8-4 Polar Coordinates and Graphs 8-5 Complex Numbers and De Moivre's Theorem Chapter 8 Group Activity: Conic Sections and Planetary Orbits Chapter 8 Review 6, 7, & 8 Cumulative Review Exercises CHAPTER 9: ADDITIONAL TOPICS IN ANALYTIC GEOMETRY 9-1 Conic Sections; Parabola 9-2 Ellipse 9-3 Hyperbola 9-4 Rotation of Axes Chapter 9 Group Activity: Focal Chords Chapter 9 Review CHAPTER 10: SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES; MATRICES 10-1 Systems of Linear Equations 10-2 Solving Linear Systems Using Gauss-Jordan Elimination 10-3 Matrix Operations 10-4 Solving Linear Systems Using Inverse Matrices 10-5 Determinants and Cramer's Rule Chapter 10 Group Activity: Modeling with Systems of Linear Equations 10-6 Systems of Nonlinear Equations 10-7 Systems of Linear Inequalities 10-8 Linear Programming Chapter 10 Review CHAPTER 11: SEQUENCES AND SERIES 11-1 Sequences and Series 11-2 Mathematical Induction 11-3 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences 11-4 Counting Techniques: Multiplication Principle, Permutations, and Combinations 11-5 Sample Spaces and Probability 11-6 Binomial Formula Chapter 11 Group Activity: Sequences Specified by Recursion Formulas Chapter 11 Review 9. 10, & 11 Cumulative Review Exercises CHAPTER 12: LIMITS: AN INTRODUCTION TO CALCULUS 12-1 Introduction to Limits 12-2 Computing Limits Algebraically 12-3 Limits at Infinity 12-4 The Derivative 12-5 Area and Calculus Chapter 12 Group Activity: Derivatives of Exponential and Log Functions Chapter 12 Review APPENDIX A: SPECIAL TOPICS A-1 Scientific Notation and Significant Digits A-2 Partial Fractions A-3 Parametric Equations APPENDIX B B-1 Geometric Formulas

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