Human Geography

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January 10, 2012


Mixed media product, 646 pages


0073122947 / 9780073122946


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Main description

Geographers believe that phenomena on the earth’s surface are not random, but rather the result of a complex series of processes going on at the local, regional, national and international scale. Human Geography, 1e by Jon Malinowksi and David Kaplan, will introduce you to how geographers attempt to make sense of the diverse reality of human populations on the Earth’s surface. Human Geography, 1e uses a modular approach. Each of the 18 chapters are divided into page “spreads” to easily allow an instructor the flexibility to customize his or her course.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Major Geographic Concepts Chapter 2: Geography through the Ages Chapter 3: Population Chapter 4: Geography of Health and Disease Chapter 5: Migration Flows Chapter 6: Culture and Cultural Landscapes Chapter 7: The Geography of Language Chapter 8: The Geography of Religion Chapter 9: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Chapter 10: A World of Nations and States Chapter 11: Geography of Governance and Representation Chapter 12: Environment and Conservation Chapter 13: Urbanization and Urban Networks Chapter 14: The Changing Structure of the City Chapter 15: The Geography of Economic Activity and Agriculture Chapter 16: Geographies of Production and Consumption Chapter 17: Distribution and Transportation Chapter 18: Development and Geography

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