Practical Control Engineering: Guide for Engineers, Managers, and Practitioners

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January 31, 2009


Electronic book text, 528 pages


0071606149 / 9780071606141

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Main description

An Essential Guide to Control Engineering Fundamentals

Understand the day-to-day procedures of today's control engineer with the pragmatic insights and techniques contained in this unique resource. Written in clear, concise language, Practical Control Engineering shows, step-by-step, how engineers simulate real-world phenomena using dynamic models and algorithms. Learn how to handle single and multiple-staged systems, implement error-free feedback control, eliminate anomalies, and work in the frequency and discrete-time domains. Extensive appendices cover basic calculus, differential equations, vector math, Laplace and Z-transforms, and Matlab basics. Practical Control Engineering explains how to:

  • Gain insight into control engineering and process analysis
  • Write and debug algorithms that simulate physical processes
  • Understand feedback, feedforward, open loops, and cascade controls
  • Build behavioral models using basic applied mathematics
  • Analyze lumped, underdamped, and distributed processes
  • Comprehend matrix, vector, and state estimation concepts
  • Convert from continuous to discrete-time and frequency domains
  • Filter out white noise, colored noise, and stochaic disturbances

Table of contents

Ch 1. Qualitative Concepts in Control Engineering and Process Analysis
Ch 2. Intro to Developing Control Algorithms
Ch 3. Basic Concepts in Process Dynamics
Ch 4. A New Domain and More Process Models
Ch 5. Matrices and Higher Order Process Models
Ch 6. An Underdamped Process
Ch 7. Distributed Processes
Ch 8. Stochastic Process Disturbances and the Discrete Time Domain
Ch 9. The Discrete Time Domain and the Z-Transform
Ch 10. Estimating the State and using It for Control
Ch 11. A review of Control Algorithms
Appendix A: Rudimentary Calculus
Appendix B: Complex Numbers
Appendix C: Spectral Analysis

Author comments

David M. Koenig, Ph.D. worked for 27 years as an engineering associate at Corning, Inc.

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