Moving The Earth: The Workbook of Excavation Sixth Edition

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May 12, 2010


Mixed media product, 1232 pages

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Main description

The definitive guide to earthmoving and machines--fully updated

"The most comprehensive source of basic excavation information available." -- Construction Methods & Equipment

"The down-in-the-dirt standard work for the excavation industry." -- Military Engineer

Completely revised throughout for the latest methods, equipment, and regulations, Moving the Earth, Sixth Edition is the industry-standard source of practical expertise for the excavation and construction industries. This all-inclusive workbook covers every aspect of site preparation and management, and details every machine and vehicle needed to perform each task.

The Sixth Edition includes new information on international developments in earthwork construction, updated OSHA excavation safety standards, and both SI and U.S. customary units. Detailed and comprehensive, this practical, on-the-job guide is as indispensable as your hard hat.


  • Land clearing and controls
  • Surveys and measurements
  • Rock, soil, and mud
  • Basements
  • Ditching and dewatering
  • Ponds and earth dams
  • Landscaping and agricultural grading
  • Roadways
  • Blasting and tunneling
  • Pit operation
  • Costs and management


  • Basic information
  • Revolving shovels and excavators
  • Conveyor machinery
  • Tractors and bulldozers
  • Front-end loaders
  • Scrapers and trucks
  • Grading and compacting machinery
  • Compressors and drills
  • Auxiliary equipment

Table of contents

Preface to Sixth Edition; Acknowledgments; Introduction to First Edition; Part 1: The Work; Chapter 1. Land Clearing and Controls; Chapter 2. Surveys and Measurements; Chapter 3. Rock, Soil, and Mud; Chapter 4. Basements; Chapter 5. Ditching and Dewatering; Chapter 6. Ponds and Earth Dams; Chapter 7. Landscaping and Agricultural Grading; Chapter 8. Roadways; Chapter 9. Blasting and Tunneling; Chapter 10. Pit Operation; Chapter 11. Costs and Management; Part 2: The Machines; Chapter 12. Basic Information; Chapter 13. Revolving Shovels and Excavators; Chapter 14. Conveyor Machinery; Chapter 15. Tractors and Bulldozers; Chapter 16. Front-End Loaders; Chapter 17. Scrapers; Chapter 18. Trucks and Trailers; Chapter 19. Grading and Compacting Machinery; Chapter 20. Compressors and Drills; Chapter 21. Auxiliary Equipment; Appendix; Glossary; Index

Author comments

Herbert L. Nichols, Jr., is a private excavation consultant and the author of Excavator Operation and Heavy Equipment Repair.

David A. Day, P.E. is a consultant with ABCO Engineering Corporation.

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