Math Proofs Demystified

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April 22, 2005


Mixed media product, 290 pages

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Main description

Almost every student has to study some sort of mathematical proofs, whether it be in geometry, trigonometry, or with higher-level topics. In addition, mathematical theorems have become an interesting course for many students outside of the mathematical arena, purely for the reasoning and logic that is needed to complete them. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have philosophy and law students grappling with proofs. This book is the perfect resource for demystifying the techniques and principles that govern the mathematical proof area, and is done with the standard "Demystified" level, questions and answers, and accessibility.

Table of contents

Part One: The Rules of Reason Chapter 1: The Basics of Propositional Logic Chapter 2: How Sentences are Put Together Chapter 3: Formalities and Techniques Chapter 4: Vagaries of Logic Test: Part One Part Two: Proofs in Action Chapter 5: Some Theoretical Geometry Chapter 6: Sets and Numbers Chapter 7: A Few Historic Tidbits Test: Part Two Final Rxam Answers to Quiz, Test and Exam Questions Suggested Additional References Index

Author comments

Stan Gibilisco is one of McGraw-Hill's most prolific and popular authors. His clear, reader-friendly writing style makes his math and science books accessible to a wide audience, and his background in research makes him an ideal editor for professional handbooks. He is the author of Geometry Demystified; Trigonometry Demystified; Statistics Demystified; Everyday Math Demystified; Physics Demystified; Electronics Demystified; Electricity Demystified; The TAB Encyclopedia of Electronics for Technicians and Hobbyists; Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics; and The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics. Booklist named his McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Personal Computing a "Best Reference" of 1996.

Back cover copy


Here's an entertaining way to learn to prove math theorems! You won't need formal training, unlimited time, or a genius IQ. In Math Proofs Demystified, best-selling math and science writer Stan Gibilisco provides an effective and painless way to overcome the intimidation most students feel when venturing into math theory. By the time you finish this book, you'll be proving math theorems with confidence! You'll also understand the fundamentals of elementary logic.

With Math Proofs Demystified, you master the subject one simple step at a time -- at your own speed. This unique self-teaching guide offers problems at the end of each chapter and section to pinpoint weaknesses, and a 70-question final exam to reinforce the entire book.

If you want to build or refresh your math proof skills, here's a fast and entertaining self-teaching course that's specially designed to minimize anxiety. Get ready to:

  • Explore the wonders of the mathematical world
  • Learn all about logic, validity, paradoxes, fallacies, and forms of deception
  • Investigate famous theorems
  • Develop a plan of action for each proof
  • Construct proofs for algebra, geometry, set theory, number theory, and other math fields
  • See how theorems relate to graphs and functions
  • Take a "final exam" and grade it yourself!

Simple enough for beginners but challenging enough for math-savvy readers, Math Proofs Demystified is a fun way to learn or brush up on the fundamentals of this fascinating subject.

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