Multifocal IOLs

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August 14, 2009


Mixed media product, 248 pages


0071634320 / 9780071634328


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Main description

This full-color text covers the very latest techniques in intraocular lens surgery.

This book provides a concise and simplified text on the state-of-art technique of multifocal IOLs. It represents the current knowledge of the technique, the most widely used approaches, clinical experiences, surgical outcomes, and patient selection. It will help the surgeon understand the different types of multifocal IOLs.


  • A diversified approach to the subject of Multifocal IOLs
  • An up-to-date overview of multifocals and future development
  • Includes color photographs
  • Includes discussion of patient selection, surgery complications, new lenses, future technologies, physical principles, etc.

Table of contents

Contents SECTION ONE: BASICS 1.Optical Principles of Multifocal IOLs3 Henk Weeber 2.Accommodative Lens Refilling12 Steven A Koopmans, Thom Terwee, Theo van Kooten 3.How to Test Reading Improvement after Presbyopic Surgery?18 Alois K Dexl, Günther Grabner 4.Importance of Reading Speed in Multifocal IOL Implantation28 Werner W Hütz 5.Multifocal IOLs and Dynamic Vision38 Carlos Vergés 6.Improvement of Visual Function with Training after Multifocal Intraocular Lens Implantation47 Hakan Kaymak, Ulrich Mester SECTION TWO: HOW TO BRING THE CONCEPT TO THE PATIENT? 7.Eyemaginations57 Joe Boorady, Brad Soper SECTION THREE: MULTIFOCAL AND ACCOMMODATIVE IOLs/OVERVIEW 8.The Current Status of Multifocal IOLs65 H Burkhard Dick 9.Current Status of Accommodative IOLs75 I Howard Fine, Richard S Hoffman, Mark Packer 10.Clinical Results with the New Generation of Multifocal Intraocular Lenses84 Ulrich Mester, Hakan Kaymak SECTION FOUR: IOL POWER CALCULATION FOR MULTIFOCAL IOLs 11.IOL Calculation for Multifocal IOLs93 Wolfgang Haigis 12.IOL Power Calculation Formulas--An Update100 Ashok Garg SECTION FIVE: PATIENT SELECTION 13.Premium Presbyopia--Correcting IOLs115 Uday Devgan 14.Mixing and Matching IOLs: Options and Results126 Elizabeth A Davis, Richard L Lindstrom SECTION SIX: CLINICAL EXPERIENCE WITH DIFFERENT MULTIFOCAL IOLs 15.Personal Experiences with the Single Optic 1 CU and the Synchrony Dual Optic Accommodative IOLs133 GU Auffarth 16.First Experiences with the Rayner Aspheric, Toric, Multifocal Intraocular Lens (M-Flex-T)138 GU Auffarth 17.Bilateral ReZoom Implantations: Personal Experience141 David R Hardten, Parag D Parekh, Mona Fahmy 18.Multifocal IOLs in Children147 Keiki R Mehta, Cyres K Mehta, Zenobia K Mehta 19.How to Proceed with Multifocals in Children?156 Roche Olivier SECTION SEVEN: CUSTOMIZING MULTIFOCAL IOLs 20.Male/Female Differences Regarding Patient Satisfaction after Implantation of Multifocal IOLs165 M Rau 21.Mixing and Matching Customized Approach Tecnis-ReZoom171 Angel Lopez-Castro 22.How to Obtain Patient Satisfaction Using ReZoom-Tecnis and Tecnis-Tecnis?183 Frank Joseph Goes SECTION EIGHT: SURGICAL FINESSES 23.AcriLISA with MICS201 Jorge L Alió, Bassam EI Kady, Pawel Klonowski 24.State of the Art Surgery for Multifocal IOL Implantation210 E Fabian, G Kneib, M Neunzig,U Seher, V Sipp, R Brandl 25.Laser Enhancement after Multifocal IOL Implantation215 Michael C Knorz SECTION NINE: FUTURE 26.Phaco-Ersatz: Will it be there Tomorrow?221 Oliver Stachs, Rudolf F Guthoff Index233

Author comments

Frank Joseph Goes, MD, is Medical Director of Goes Eye Centre in Antwerp, Belgium. Dr. Goes has operated on more than 13,000 eyes for refractive surgery.

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