Deja Review Pathology, Second Edition

Deja Review Pathology, Second Edition
By:King, Emily; Davis, Jessica;
Pub Date:July 12th 2010
Format:Paperback 474 pages
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ISBN:0071627146 / 9780071627146
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"I love how it integrates pathology with all the other subjects for an extremely high-yield review." -- Sheree Perron, Third Year Medical Student, Eastern Virginia Medical School

"I appreciate how this book is organized, making it as useful tool not only for Step 1, but also for your coursework. -- Rob Nastasi, Fourth Year Medical Student, SUNY Upstate Medical University

Deja Review: Pathology boils down your coursework to just the critical concepts you need to know for exam success. This unbeatable guide features a quick-read, two-column "flashcard" Q&A format--specifically designed to help you remember a large amount of pertinent information in the least amount of time possible. The format allows you to zero-in on only the correct answers to promote memory retention and get the most out of your study time. Great for last minute review of high-yield facts, Deja Review provides a straightforward way for you to assess your strengths and weaknesses so you can excel on your course exams and the USMLE Step 1.

  • Active recall questions allow you to understand, not just memorize, the content
  • Clinical vignettes at the end of chapters prepare you for board-style questions
  • Portable size for study on the go--fits in your white coat pocket
  • Bookmark included to guide you through easy-to-use flashcard presentation

Table of contents

Ch. 1. General Concepts in Pathology
Ch. 2. Biochemistry
Ch. 3. Genetic Pathology
Ch. 4. Microbiology in Pathology
Ch. 5. Hematology and Immunology
Ch. 6. Cardiovascular Pathology
Ch. 7. Respiratory Pathology Ch. 8. Gastrointestinal Pathology
Ch. 9. Renal Pathology
Ch. 10. Reproductive Pathology

Ch. 11. Endocrine Pathology
Ch. 12. Neuropathology
Ch. 13. Dermatopathology
Ch. 14. Musculoskeletal Pathology
Ch. 15. Pediatric Pathology
Ch. 16. Radiology & Pathology Correlation


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