Functional Neuroanatomy: Text and Atlas, 2nd Edition

Text and Atlas

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February 18, 2005


Mixed media product, 550 pages


0071408126 / 9780071408127


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Main description

A Doody's Core Title

Superbly illustrated, this core textbook reinforces an understanding of basic neuroanatomical structures by emphasizing their clinical significance in neurologic disease. Featuring a seamless integration of over 400 illustrations within the text, Functional Neuroanatomy includes cross-sectional atlas views of the brain and brain stem, MRI images in three planes, and key concepts identified within each chapter.

Table of contents

A. Text Chapter 1. Neurohistology Chapter 2. Gross Topography Chapter 3. Spinal Cord Chapter 4. Spinal Cord: Clinical Correlates Chapter 5. Medulla Oblongata Chapter 6. Medulla Oblongata: Clinical Correlates Chapter 7. Pons Chapter 8. Pons: Clinical Correlates Chapter 9. Mesencephalon (Midbrain) Chapter 10. Mesencephalon (Midbrain): Clinical Correlates Chapter 11. Diencephalon Chapter 12. Diencephalon: Clinical Correlates Chapter 13. Basal Ganglia Chapter 14. Basal Ganglia: Clinical Correlates Chapter 15. Cerebellum Chapter 16. Cerebellum: Clinical Correlates Chapter 17. Cerebral Cortex Chapter 18. Cerebral Cortex: Clinical Correlates Chapter 19. Hypothalamus Chapter 20. Hypothalamus: Clinical Correlates Chapter 21. Limbic System Chapter 22. Limbic System: Clinical Correlates Chapter 23. Special Senses Chapter 24. Special Senses: Clinical Correlates Chapter 25. Central Nervous System Development Chapter 26. Central Nervous System Development: Clinical Correlates Chapter 27. Cerebral Circulation Chapter 28. Cerebral Vascular Syndromes Chapter 29. Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Barrier System Chapter 30. Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Barrier System: Clinical Correlates Chapter 31. Major Sensory and Motor Pathways B. Atlas of Brain and Spinal Cord Section 1. Sectional Anatomy Sections Section 2. Sagittal Yakovlev Sections Section 3. Axial Yakovlev Sections Section 4. Coronal Yakovlev Sections Section 5. Brain Stem Sections Section 6. Spinal Cord Sections Section 7. Sagittal MRI Sections Section 8. Axial MRI Sections Section 9. Coronal MRI Sections Bibliography Index

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