Clinical Sports Nutrition, 4th Edition

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November 19, 2009


Mixed media product, 0 pages


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Table of contents

1.Sports nutrition: an historical perspective

2.Exercise physiology and metabolism

3.Measuring nutritional status of athletes: clinical and research perspectives

4.Kinanthropometry: physique assessment of the athlete

5.Protein and amino acid needs for training and bulking up

6.Energy requirement of the athlete: assessment and evidence of energy efficiency

7.Weight loss and the athlete

8.Making weight in sports

9.Eating disorders and disordered eating in athletes

10.Bone, exercise, nutrition and menstrual disturbances

11.Iron depletion in athletes

12.Vitamin, mineral and antioxidant needs of athletes

13.Preparation for competition

14.Nutrition for recovery after competition and training

15.Nutritional strategies to enhance fat oxidation during aerobic exercise

16.Dietary supplements and nutritional ergogenic aids in sport

17.Nutrition for special populations: children and young athletes

18.Nutrition and the aging athlete

19.Special needs: the athlete with diabetes

20.Special needs: the vegetarian athlete

21.Athletes with gastrointestinal disorders

22.Special needs: athletes with disabilities

23.Medical and nutritional issues for the traveling athlete

24.Nutritional issues for special environments: training and competing at altitude and in hot climates

25.Providing meals for athletic groups

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