Nutrition for Health, Fitness & Sport

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February 3, 2012


Mixed media product, 688 pages


0078021324 / 9780078021329


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Main description

Nutrition for Health, Fitness & Sport, now in its tenth edition, provides the reader with thorough coverage of the role nutrition plays in enhancing one's health, fitness, and sport performance. Current research and practical activities are incorporated throughout.

This edition welcomes the addition of two new authors, Dawn E. Anderson and Eric S. Rawson, both of whom are actively involved in the disciplines of exercise physiology and sports nutrition, and who have used this textbook over the years to teach their university classes.

The tenth edition includes incorporation of the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the associated MyPlate model that has replaced the MyPyramid model. The new MyPlate model, which was designed to be more user-friendly for the American population, is discussed in several chapters. New information from authoritative position statements dealing with exercise and nutrition issues has been incorporated in various chapters where relevant. More than 300 new references, including clinical studies, reviews, and meta-analyses, have also been added to the text.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Nutrition for Health, Fitness, and Sports Performance 2. Healthful Nutrition for Fitness and Sport: The Consumer Athlete 3. Human Energy 4. Carbohydrates: The Main Energy Food 5. Fat: An Important Energy Source during Exercise 6. Protein: The Tissue Builder 7. Vitamins: The Organic Regulators 8. Minerals: The Inorganic Regulators 9. Water, Electrolytes and Temperature Regulation 10. Body Weight and Composition for Health and Sport 11. Weight Maintenance and Loss through Proper Nutrition and Exercise 12. Weight Gaining through Proper Nutrition and Exercise 13. Food Drugs and Related Supplements Appendix A--Units of Measurement: English System--Metric System Equivalents Appendix B--Approximate Caloric Expenditure per Minute for Various Physical Activities Appendix C--Self-Test on Drinking Habits and Alcoholism Appendix D--Determination of Healthy Body Weight Appendix E--Exchange Lists for Meal Planning Appendix F--Calories, Percent Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, and Dietary Fiber in Selected Fast-Food Restaurant Products Appendix G--Energy Pathways of Carbohydrate, Fat, and Protein Appendix H--Small Steps: 120 Small Steps to a Healthier Diet and Increased Physical Activity Appendix I--Sample Menu for a 2000-Calorie Food Pattern

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