Another Opening, Another Show: An Introduction to the Theatre

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December 14, 2004


Paperback, 360 pages


0072562609 / 9780072562606


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Main description

Designed for non-majors, this introductory text is a practical guide to theatre--what it is and how to enjoy it. Its survey of the theatre landscape is enlivened by behind-the-scenes stories from the two authors--one an actor/director and the other a costume designer. Exercises at the ends of chapters (unique to this text) prompt students to reflect on their own experiences with theatre.

Table of contents

ACT 1 Understanding and Evaluating TheatreCHAPTER 1 • What Is Theatre?CHAPTER 2 • Aristotle’s Guide to PleasureCHAPTER 3 • Dramatic GenresCHAPTER 4 • Theatrical StylesCHAPTER 5 • Writing about TheatreACT 2 The Creative ProcessCHAPTER 6 • The Playwright’s StoryCHAPTER 7 • Actors and CharactersCHAPTER 8 • The Director’s ImpactCHAPTER 9 • The Designers’ VisionCHAPTER 10 • Putting It TogetherACT 3 The Audience Joins InCHAPTER 11 • Finding Theatre and Getting TicketsCHAPTER 12 • Take Your Seats, PleaseCHAPTER 13 • The Curtain RisesCHAPTER 14 • Backstage RevealedACT 4 Theatre History CHAPTER 15 • Theatre HistoryACT 5 Theatre in America TodayCHAPTER 16 • Show Biz Is Big BizCHAPTER 17 • Musical TheatreCURTAIN CALLGLOSSARYCREDITSINDEX

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