Listen and Lose Weight

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November 18, 2007


Electronic book text, 176 pages


0071595910 / 9780071595919

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Main description

  • Glenn Harrold has sold more than 500,000 hypnotherapy CDs in the United Kingdom since 1997. In the United States, he is a constant bestseller on, with more than 25,000 downloads in the last 12 months, and is consistently in the top 20 on iTunes' audiobooks chart
  • Harrold teaches readers to harness their own brain power to abandon unhealthy eating habits

Table of contents


Chapter One: How Hypnosis Works

Chapter Two: Supercharging Your Weight Loss Goal

Chapter Three: Using Self Hypnosis and Affirmations for Lasting Results

Chapter Four: Discovering Your True Motivation

Chapter Five: Freeing Yourself from Negative Conditioning

Chapter Six: Building Powerful Self-Esteem

Chapter Seven: Healthy Eating -- Knowledge is Power

Chapter Eight: Developing Your New Habits

Chapter Nine: Staying Fit and Healthy for Life

Appendix One: CD Guidelines

Appendix Two: CD Contents

Author comments

Glenn Harrold's word-of-mouth popularity helped him become Britain's bestselling audio hypnotherapist. A graduate of the British School of Clinical Hypnosis, Harrold has a private practice in Kent, England. His self-hypnosis techniques have helped half a million people overcome a wide range of problems such as anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, weight control, and many stress-related illnesses.

Back cover copy

Losing weight is all in your head!

Imagine if the first step to losing weight were as simple as listening to a CD. The truth is, simply imagining a fit and healthy you while in a deeply relaxed state will lay the foundation for lasting change. By providing positive affirmations, self-hypnosis techniques, and healthy eating and exercising tips, Listen and Lose Weight and its accompanying audio hypnosis CD will help you learn to reprogram your mind on a deep, subconscious level. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes second nature when you:

  • Realize you have the power to change
  • Create new positive patterns of behavior
  • Form a lasting desire to eat healthily and remain fit
  • Build strong self-esteem and inner confidence
  • Program your mind to achieve your weight-loss goal without struggle

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