4 Weeks to Healthy Digestion: A Harvard Doctor’s Proven Plan for Reducing Symptoms of Diarrhea,Constipation, Heartburn, and More

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April 5, 2009


Electronic book text, 256 pages

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0071547967 / 9780071547963

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Main description

Get permanent relief from digestive problems without expensive tests and medications-in just one month!

Your medicine cabinet is brimming with antacids, gas relievers, and digestive aids of every description. You may have tried lightening up on rich foods or spending money on tests and pricey medication. But your suffering has only gotten worse.

Maybe it's not another pill you need but a good dose of common sense-that and a man with a plan for making you better.

Harvard Medical School's Dr. Norton Greenberger has devoted his career to understanding digestive problems and bringing relief to the people who suffer from them. 4 Weeks to Healthy Digestion clearly explains what causes most common digestive disorders and gives an easy-to-follow, nutrition-based plan for curing what ails you. In just four weeks you'll:

  • Beat diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, bloating, gas, dyspepsia, and more
  • Identify the food, drink, and drug culprits making you sick
  • Learn about how when, where, and how much you eat influences your health
  • Eat your way to good digestive health with the delicious recipes included

Table of contents

Chapter 1: The First Week: Start Your Symptom Log
Chapter 2: The Second Week: The Way We Eat
Chapter 3: The Third Week: Changing Your Diet
Chapter 4: The Fourth Week: Charting Your New Course
Chapter 5: Diarrhea
Chapter 6: Constipation
Chapter 7: Heartburn and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
Chapter 8: Dyspepsia
Chapter 9: Bloating and Gas
Chapter 10: Sprue (Gluten Intolerance)
Chapter 11: For Women Only
Chapter 12: Communicating With Your Doctor

Author comments

Norton J. Greenberger, M.D., is a clinical professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a senior physician at Brigham and Women's Hospital. He is an internationally renowned gastroenterologist, former president of the American Gastroenterological Association, and a recipient of the Julius M. Friedenwald Medal, the most prestigious award given in recognition of outstanding lifetime achievement in and contribution to the field of gastroenterology.

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