How Tiger Does It

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April 14, 2008


Mixed media product, 208 pages


0071545654 / 9780071545655


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Main description

Few athletes in any sport have captured our imagination like Tiger Woods. His endless supply of highlight-reel shots and consistent domination of professional golf leave many of us wondering how he does it. Natural talent and a healthy killer instinct are merely the tip of the iceberg for what makes the world's greatest athlete tick. Tiger's unique personality attributes and competitive disposition set him apart from the pack. He is committed to something beyond merely winning; he's committed to the pursuit of personal excellence, and he loves all aspects of it. To truly appreciate and benefit from Tiger's example, look beyond the towering drives and fist-pumping clutch putts: How Tiger Does It goes deeper than any other volume on Tiger to unearth his personality and behavior attributes, showing you how to apply them to your own life. After reading this book, you will be able to

  • Adopt a relaxed, fearless approach to competition so you can enter the zone at will
  • Achieve peak performance and avoid choking in pressure-filled competitive situations
  • Create life circumstances that promote complete focus, efficient time management, and optimum stress/rest balance
  • Make work feel like play to realize the highest expression of your talents
  • Achieve physical, mental, and emotional balance, maintaining a healthy perspective and positive attitude--win or lose

You'll learn to model Tiger through three success factors--focus, a work-play ethic, and a balanced approach--in the process banishing self-limiting beliefs, balancing killer instinct with a fearless competitive disposition, and objectively evaluating your own performance, regardless of your chosen endeavor. Golfers and nongolfers alike will enjoy an entertaining blend of Tiger anecdotes from his peers on the PGA Tour and respected observers in the media, pointed insights from a rare author who brings a world-class athletic background to his prose, and instructions on putting everything together to create your own success plan.

Table of contents

Intro - Tiger Bomb on Tom

Why Tiger is the Greatest Athlete of All Time

How Tiger Does It

How to Play Like Tiger

Success Factor 1: Focus

Success Factor 2: Work/Play Ethic

Success Factor 3: Zen Disposition

Raising a Tiger


Author comments

Brad Kearns is a former national champion triathlete who was ranked number three in the world. A longtime writer, peak performance coach, and motivational speaker, he is the author of How Lance Does It and Breakthrough Triathlon Training. A lifelong golfer with a 3.8 handicap, Kearns was a competitor in the Southern California Junior Golf circuit when Tiger Woods first came to prominence as a young golfer. Luckily, Kearns never had to play against him.

Back cover copy

Pump up your performance--in any sport, any business, and in any arena

Tiger Woods has become the greatest champion in the history of sport, transcending golf to become a worldwide icon for athletic excellence, competitive intensity, and the destruction of dated cultural barriers and traditions. Even people who don't play golf know Tiger. While shooting par golf may be out of reach for many of us, we can learn from Tiger's example and apply this champion's attitude, focus, and character attributes to boost our performance in any situation--on the job, in the classroom, and, yes, even on the golf course.

Author Brad Kearns, whose How Lance Does It revealed the success formula of the great Tour de France legend, delivers a heavily researched, life-altering analysis of what Tiger Woods does to achieve--and maintain--peak performance not only in golf but in everything he does.

"Brad Kearns has a refreshing perspective on peak performance that he captures eloquently in his writing. While being intensely competitive and focused on winning is great, Kearns reminds us that our greatest rewards come when we are motivated by pure love of the experience."
--Lance Armstrong

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