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January 10, 2008


Mixed media product, 220 pages


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Main description

Prepare to look, feel, and perform better than you ever have before!

Why bodybuilding? Put simply, lifting weights--or resistance training--is one of the best ways to achieve total body health and fitness. Research has shown time and again that pumping iron provides a host of benefits: Bigger muscles, of course, but also greater strength, higher bone density, and improved cardiovascular capacity. Adding muscle also naturally ignites your body's internal fat-burners, increasing your metabolism while lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol. Oh yeah, and you'll look terrific.

Here's all you need to start building serious muscle, including crucial information on:

  • Complete workouts and techniques to maximize results
  • Specific tips on achieving more defined abs, arms, legs, chest, and back,
  • How bodybuilding is different and better than other training methods
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • "Gym jargon" via a special decoder
  • How long and often you should work out--and how much recovery time your body needs

Table of contents

PART ONE: Beginning Bodybuilding

1. Getting Started

2. The Next Stage

3. Less Sets + More Reps = More Mass!

4. What About Steroids?

PART TWO: Adding More Muscle

5. Fast Mass! - The "60-Second Workout"

6. The Power Of Partials

7. The Split Routine

8. Giant Sets

9. How To Train For Size And Power

PART THREE: Specialization And Refinement

10. Setting Up Your Year-Round Training Schedule

11. Specialization - Shoulders

12. Specialization -- Legs

13. Specialization - Arms

14. Specialization -- Back

15. Specialization -- Chest

16. An Incredible Abdominal Routine

PART FOUR: Keeping The Muscle Machine Primed

17. Dieting To Build Pure Muscle

18. 10 Common Training Mistakes To Avoid

19. Questions & Answers

Author comments

John Little has worked alongside bodybuilding's greatest champions and innovators for more than thirty years. He has created three revolutionary training techniques--max contraction training, static contraction training, and power factor training (and authored many books on the subjects). More than 150,000 bodybuilders in sixty countries use his training techniques and read his regular column in Iron Man magazine.

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