Fed Up!

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September 22, 2002


Electronic book text, 224 pages


0071416889 / 9780071416887

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Main description

A medically backed, holistic approach to weight issues for a lifetime of health

This important new book is for the millions of Americans caught up in unhealthy and unsuccessful dieting patterns. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, a medical doctor, psychiatrist specializing in eating disorders, and survivor of bulimia, brings both expertise and personal experience to the physically and mentally destructive problem of dieting. In Fed Up!, she examines why so many men and women persist in this counterproductive behavior and offers a comprehensive, easy-to-follow 10-step plan for a healthpromoting

lifestyle and sustainable weight level­­without ever counting another calorie or fat gram, stepping on a scale, fearing fattening foods, or feeling guilty for missing a workout.

From recognizing the toll dieting takes on the readers' lives to understanding the cultural myths that make them diet and redefining their relationships with food and weight-related issues, Dr. Oliver-Pyatt provides the tools people need to succeed. Fed Up! offers a holistic, effective approach to fitness that provides genuine, long-term results for anyone struggling with weight issues.

Author comments

Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, M.D. completed her psychiatry training at New York University, where she was the chief resident of the Bellevue Hospital Outpatient Service. She has held faculty positions at NYU, Albert Einstein School of Medicine, and the University of Nevada School of Medicine. Dr. Oliver-Pyatt has taught courses on the subject of food and body preoccupation to medical students, psychiatry residents, social workers, nurses, and other health-care providers. Board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in both general and addiction psychiatry, she is a practicing psychiatrist in Reno, Nevada, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.

Back cover copy

Consumers spend $30 billion a year on diet programs, pills, and special foods, yet none of these products seems to deliver lasting results. The truth is that between 95 and 98 percent of dieters fail to keep weight off permanently. Worse still, many actually gain weight because dieting distorts the natural human ability to sense internal cues of satiety and well-being. Dieting wreaks havoc on the mind, body, and soul.

The weight-loss industry preys on human insecurities. The media bombard us with advertisements for new diets, weight-loss creams, body wraps, and expensive exercise equipment. Frustrated and overwhelmed, many eventually give up on the idea of ever reaching a healthy or normal weight. The simple truth is that we haven't failed dieting. Dieting has failed us.

For years, Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, M.D., suffered through countless diets that eventually led to bulimia. She was a victim of weight cycling--the medical term describing the agonizing merry-go-round of losing and gaining weight, starving and bingeing. Through a long process of self-discovery, she broke free from the prison of dieting and found her way to a healthy, fit lifestyle. Since then, Dr. Oliver-Pyatt has spent much of her career developing a program to help men and women free themselves from dieting and lose weight safely and permanently. Her techniques are based on her personal and professional understanding of the complex reasons people become caught up in an endless cycle of dieting.

Not just another diet book, Fed Up! is a medically backed resource that takes a holistic, intelligent approach to adopting and maintaining a fit lifestyle. Here, Dr. Oliver-Pyatt introduces the Ten-Step, No-Diet Fitness Plan that combines the power of psychology and medicine to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime. Step-by-step, she demonstrates how you can free yourself from weight problems forever.

Fed Up!:

  • Dispels dieting myths and identifies real dieting dangers
  • Offers advice on developing an enjoyable, effective, and sustainable fitness program
  • Provides tools parents can use to prevent eating disorders in their children
  • Helps foster healthy attitudes about food and explains how having mental lists of "good" and "bad" foods can lead to bingeing
  • Reveals the truth about ideal body weight
  • Explains exactly how overcoming guilt and body shame and redefining beauty actually leads to long-term weight loss

"Fed Up! offers the definitive solution to America's weight problem and food preoccupation. It should be read by anyone who has tried at dieting and failed, and by parents who want to see their children develop healthy bodies and minds."
--Leah Schenk, M.D., Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Expert

"I highly recommend Fed Up! as very important reading for the countless men and women who have spent their lives struggling unsuccessfully with weight control. Fed Up! clearly outlines a ten-step living program that will lead to successful long-term weight management and a pleasurable relationship with self and food, as well as with your body.
--David A. Rosin, M.D., state medical director, Department of Mental Health and Developmental Services, State of Nevada, and former director of the Eating Disorders Center at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital

"In a powerfully, redefining exercise, Fed Up! offers unique intuitive tools and a perspective that will help the reader gain and maintain a fitness program that will lead to long-term physical health."
--Gus Williams, former NBA player and member of the Seattle Supersonics championship team

Forget fancy meal plans, supplements, and gimmicky exercise machines. Fed Up! delivers what you've been waiting for: a comprehensive ten-step plan to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime. Doctor and diet survivor Wendy Oliver-Pyatt shares her own story of how she survived and conquered an eating disorder. With compassion and insight, she shows how you too can reverse the relentless cycle of dieting and weight gain and ultimately achieve the beautiful body you deserve!

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