Build Your Greek Vocabulary with Audio CD

Build Your Greek Vocabulary with Audio CD
By:Middle, Howard; Garoufalia-Middle, Hara;
Pub Date:December 10th 2010
Format:Mixed media product 144 pages
ISBN:0071742999 / 9780071742993
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Don't sound clueless in Crete--here's a fast-and-easy way to learning everyday Greek

Build Your Greek Vocabulary helps you learn 1,000 key words, written in Greek script and grouped thematically in 20 main categories ranging from home to leisure and the media.

You get fascinating examples of Greek as it is used everyday in the Mediterranean. You can also track your progress with engaging exercises and activities.

This book includes:

  • Hundreds of bilingual flashcards to help you remember your new vocabulary
  • Modern examples of how the language is used.
  • Fun and engaging exercises: matching Greek words to pictures, crossword puzzles, word searches, guiding writing activities
  • A 70-minute audio CD with Greek pronunciations for the Core Vocabulary, Further Vocabulary, and Useful Phrases in each of the 16 chapters
  • A special section on taking exams on the Greek language

Topics include: Greetings and Basics, House and Home, Family and Friends, Character and Feelings, Shopping, Clothing and Colors, Food and Drink, Body, Health, Hobbies, Media, Weather and Environment, Local Area, Travel and Tourism, Education, Work Examination Tips and Instructions in Greek Answers to Exercises

Table of contents

How to Use This Book; 1. Greetings and Basics; 2. House and Home; 3. Family and Friends; 4. Character and Feelings; 5. Shopping; 6. Clothing and Colors; 7. Food and Drink; 8. Body; 9. Health; 10. Hobbies; 11. Media; 12. Weather and Environment; 13. Local Area; 14. Travel and Tourism; 15. Education; 16. Work; Examination Tips and Instructions; Answers to Exercises


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