Read and Speak Chinese for Beginners with Audio CD, Second Edition

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May 4, 2010


Mixed media product, 112 pages

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0071739688 / 9780071739689


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Main description

Learn helpful Chinese vocabulary without being intimidated by its non-Roman script!

Your desire to learn Mandarin Chinese may be twarted by its script; how will you pick up the language if you can't understand its characters? Read and Speak Chinese for Beginners overcomes this obstacle by providing an accessible, entertaining program that will reinforce vocabulary as well as help you create basic structures.

Each of the eight topics develop your communication skills in key areas, and your progress will be reinforced by tests and puzzles. The accompanying 55-minute audio CD contains all the key words and phrases for you to listen to and repeat. It also features entertaining listening activities and games for additional reinforcement.

  • Two-color layout and photographs throughout to illustrate key vocabulary.
  • Proven approach combines games, puzzles, flashcards, and audio to aid language.
  • Clear explanations of how basic phrases are used for practical communication.
  • Audio CD/MP3s for correct pronunciation provides speaking and listening practice and audio games; detachable flashcards allow language reinforcement.

Topics include:
What is your name?; Where are you from?; What is this?; Where is it?; What's it like?;How do I get there?;Who's this?; What do you do?

Table of contents

; Chapter 1. What is your name?;
Chapter 2. Where are you from?;
Chapter 3. What is this?;
Chapter 4. Where is it?;
Chapter 5. What's it like?;
Chapter 6. How do I get there?;
Chapter 7. Who's this?;
Chapter 8. What do you do?;
Test Yourself;
Flashcards (8 sheets of tear-out topic flashcards);
Enhanced CD (inside back cover)

Author comments

Jane Wightwick is an experienced author and product developer in the field of foreign languages.

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