Stories from Spain/Historias de Espana, Second Edition

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April 30, 2010


Mixed media product, 176 pages

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0071702660 / 9780071702669


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Main description

Enjoy the tales of Spain--in Spanish and in English!

In Stories from Spain/Historias de Espana, we've placed the Spanish and English stories side by side--lado a lado--so you can practice and improve your reading skills in your new language while enjoying the support of your native tongue. This way, you'll avoid the inconvenience of constantly having to look up unfamiliar words and expressions in a dictionary. Read as much as you can understand, and then look to the facing page for help if necessary. As you read, you can check your comprehension by comparing the two versions of the story. You'll also find a bilingual vocabulary list at the end of the book, so you'll have a handy reference for new words.

Stories from Spain/Historias de Espana gives you the chance to

  • Enjoy 18 tales that will introduce you to an array of characters--kings, nobles, rogues, and pirates
  • Fine-tune your language skills while gaining insight into the rich cultural heritage of the Spanish people
  • Improve your reading and listening skills with free audio downloads of six chapters from the book at

Genevieve Barlow and William N. Stivers are experienced Spanish educators and authors.

Table of contents

1. Lemor of Ireland/Lémor de Irlanda
2. The Gypsy’s Prophecy/La profecía de la gitana
3. The Ransom/El rescate
4. The Lovers of Teruel/Los amantes de Teruel
5. Aliatar’s Horse/El caballo de Aliatar
6. The Woman Warrior/La mujer guerrera
7. The Old Woman and the Candlestick/La vieja del candelero
8. The Bridge of St. Martin in Toledo/El puente de San Martín en Toledo
9. Casilda’s Roses/Las rosas de Casilda
10. The Mysterious Drawer/El cajón misterioso
11. The Student of Salamanca/El estudiante de Salamanca
12. Pedro de Urdemalas/Pedro de Urdemalas
13. Murillo, the Famous Painter/Murillo, pintor famoso
14. The Mercy Dagger/ El puñal de misericordia
15. The Mystery of the Lost Jewels/El misterio de las joyas perdidas
16. The Pirate’s Cave/La gruta del pirata
17. The Spirits/Las ánimas
18. The Lady of Stone/La dama de piedra
English Spanish Vocabulary
Vocabulario español-inglés

Author comments

Genevieve Barlow is an experienced Spanish educator.

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