Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Verb Tenses, Second Edition

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March 11, 2010


Mixed media product, 352 pages

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Main description

Go beyond conjugation and learn the right verb tenses for speaking and writing in Spanish

If you are looking for help memorizing Spanish verb conjugations, then any Spanish verb book will do. But if you are interested in becoming fluent, you'll need to learn how these language building blocks are used in everyday speech and writing. That's where Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses comes in.

The ideal reference/workbook for beginning to intermediate Spanish-language learners, Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses shows you when and why to use certain verb tenses and gives you plenty of examples, increasing your confidence in choosing the right word.

Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Verb Tenses lets you:

  • Learn when and why to use different verb tenses
  • Reinforce your knowledge with everyday examples covering a wide range of topics
  • Build your verb skills using more than 250 engaging exercises

With numerous skill-building exercises, comprehensive verb conjugation tables, and the proven Practice Makes Perfect format, you will learn to speak and write in Spanish fluently in no time at all.

An enhanced ebook is now available with an audio answer key. Please select Kindle Edition with Audio/Video from the available formats.

Topics include: Present Tense; Conjugation of Regular Verbs; Ser and Estar; Hay; Tener; The Personal a; A Dozen Highly Useful Irregular Verbs; Saber and Conocer; Stem-Changing Infinitives; Noteworthy Infinitives; Reflexive Verbs; Gustar et al.; The Present Progressive; The Past, Future, and Conditional Tenses; The Preterite Tense; The Imperfect Tense; The Future Tense; The Conditional Tense; The Present Perfect Tense; The Past Perfect Tense; The Imperative, Subjunctive, and Compound Tenses, and the Passive Voice; The Imperative; The Present Subjunctive; The Imperfect Subjunctive; The Future Perfect; The Conditional Perfect; The Present Perfect Subjunctive; The Pluperfect Subjunctive; The Passive Voice

Table of contents

I The Present Tense 1. Conjugation of Regular Verbs
2. Ser and Estar
3. Hay
4. Tener
5. The Personal a
6. A Dozen Highly Useful Irregular Verbs
7. Saber and Conocer
8. Stem-Changing Infinitives
9. Noteworthy Infinitives
10. Reflexive Verbs
11. Gustar et al.
12. The Present Progressive
II The Past, Future, and Conditional Tenses 12. The Preterite Tense
14. The Imperfect Tense
15. The Future Tense
16. The Conditional Tense
17. The Present Perfect Tense
18. The Past Perfect Tense
III The Imperative, Subjunctive, and Compound Tenses, and the Passive Voice 19. The Imperative
20. The Present Subjunctive
21. The Imperfect Subjunctive
22. The Future Perfect
23. The Conditional Perfect
24. The Present Perfect Subjunctive
25. The Pluperfect Subjunctive
26. The Passive Voice
IV Appendices Verb Conjugation Charts
1. Preterite
2. Imperfect
3. Future
4. Conditional
5. Present Subjunctive
6. Imperfect Subjunctive
7. Conjugations of Auxiliary Haber
Lists of Verbs That Take Prepositions
V Glossaries Spanish-English
Answer KEy

Author comments

Dorothy Richmond is an experienced teacher of Spanish and successful author of Spanish language-learning grammars.

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