German Conversation Demystified with Two Audio CDs

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December 23, 2009


Mixed media product, 256 pages


0071627227 / 9780071627221


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Main description

Unlock the riddle of speaking and interacting in German

German Demystified provides you with a solid foundation for building conversation skills in that language. You can go at your own pace as you are guided through the fundamentals of communicating in German. Organized around everyday themes such as meeting people, making plans, and talking on the phone each chapter features an in-depth dialog presented both in the book and on the audio, coverage of essential communication skills (such as asking a question or making comparisons), review of key grammar points, and written and verbal activities to reinforce new communication skills.

Table of contents

Ch 1: Pronunciation (basics, pronunciation) Ch 2: People and Things (greetings, “who is”, and “what is”) Ch 3: Asking Questions (describing people/nationalities) Ch 4: Making Plans (talking on the phone) Ch 5: Happy Birthday(numbers, dates) Ch 6: Sick and Tired (Future tense, accusative case) Ch 7: In a Restaurant(food and drink) Ch 8: Going Shopping (telling time, colors, possession) Ch 9: Traveling by Train (imperatives, using “should have”) Ch 10: Trip to the Beach (weather, superlatives) Ch 11: Rich and Poor (possessives, the Euro) Ch 12: Car Trouble (prepositions) Ch 13: Time for Fun (past tense, contractions) Ch 14: Home Life (rooms, reflexives) Ch 15: Staying Informed (inanimate pronouns)

Author comments

Ed Swick taught German for 30 years. He is the author of several books on German and ESL such as Practice Makes Perfect: German Pronouns and Prepositions and German Demystified (McGraw-Hill).

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