Perfect Phrases in Spanish for Confident Travel to Mexico

The No Faux-Pas Phrasebook for the Perfect Trip

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June 12, 2009


Mixed media product, 208 pages


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Main description

Fit in with the locals and avoid embarrassment by using the right phrase.

As you plan your trip to Mexico, remember to pack this phrasebook! It is the only one that not only has the words and phrases you need to communicate clearly but also explains how to use them. With this knowledge, you will enjoy your journey and make a good impression on the Mexicans as you visit their country.

Useful Spanish phrases and their correct usage:
¿Cómo está usted? How are you [singular]? (KO-mo ehs-TAH oos-TEHD)
Spanish has two forms of you in the singular: and usted. The form is used among family and close friends and should not be used instantly.
Quisiera ver algo... I'd like to see something . . . (kee-see-EH-rah behr AHL-go)
If a shop is busy, you may have to take the initiative to get service. The best way is to show interest in something.
¿Tiene usted acceso al Internet? Do you have Internet access? (tee-EH-neh oos-TEH ahk-SEH-so ah leen-tehr-neht)
Most hotels with a few stars have Internet access, so if you take your laptop, you'll be in touch with everyone.
¡Qué interesante! How interesting! (keh een-teh-reh-SAHN-teh)
Phrases that elicit more speech from your conversational partner are the ones that generally make him or her feel that you are a good listener.

Table of contents

Introduction 1.Good Manners
2. Money Matters
3. Hotels
4. Public Transportation
5. Driving
6. Shopping
7. Grooming
8. Shopping for Food
9. Eating Out
10. Entertainment
11. Museums to Mountains
12. Common Warnings
13. Emergencies
14. Health Issues 15. Making Plans

Author comments

Eric Vogt, Ph.D., directed a language program in Mexico for five years. He teaches Spanish at Seattle Pacific University.

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