McGraw-Hill's Essential English Irregular Verbs (eBook)

McGraw-Hill\'s Essential English Irregular Verbs
By:Franklin, Daniel; Yokota, Terry; Lester, Mark;
Pub Date:March 31st 2010
Format:Electronic book text 288 pages
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ISBN:0071602879 / 9780071602877
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Master 188 irregular verbs in English

As an experienced student of English, you know the language can be a tricky one to learn thanks to its complex verb forms, like irregular verbs. Written by ESL guru Mark Lester--author of Grammar and Usage in the Classroom--this authoritative reference unravels the mystery of this verb form so you can take your English-language skills to the next level.

For each entry, you'll get example sentences and conjugations, a complete listing of complements, the most important phrasal verb constructions, and common expressions--all in an easy-to-understand format. In no time you'll master irregular verbs and converse like a native English speaker!

Table of contents

McGraw-Hill's Essential English Irregular Verbs Table of Contents


The English Irregular Verb

Regular vs. Irregular Verbs

Verb Forms and Tense Usage

Tense Usage

Phrasal Verbs


188 Conjugated Irregular Verbs

Alphabetically ordered, with complements, phrasal verbs, and expressions. Includes "Top 30 Verbs": Full page of examples adjoining select conjugation/complement pages.

Irregular Verb Form Index

Index showing the base form of all irregular verb forms in the book

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