Chinese Demystified A Self-Teaching Guide

Chinese Demystified
By:Ross, Claudia;
Pub Date:October 13th 2010
Format:Paperback 448 pages
ISBN:007147725X / 9780071477253
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Learning Chinese is a no-brainer with Demystified

Chinese Demystified walks you step by step through the fundamentals and moves on to more advanced topics. Each chapter concludes with a self-test that allows you to track your progress, and a comprehensive final exam at the end of the book gives instant feedback on new language skills. The book includes characters in simplified and traditional formats along with pinyin phonetic translation for easy pronunciation.

Table of contents

Ch 1: Pronunciation
(basics, pronuncation)
Ch 2: People and Things
(greetings, "who is", and "what is")
Ch 3: Asking Questions
(describing people/nationalities)
Ch 4: Making Plans
(talking on the phone)
Ch 5: Happy Birthday
(numbers, dates)
Ch 6: Sick and Tired
(Future tense, accusative case)
Ch 7: In a Restaurant (food and drink)
Ch 8: Going Shopping
(telling time, colors, possession)
Ch 9: Traveling by Train
(imperatives, using "should have")
Ch 10: Trip to the Beach
(weather, superlatives)
Ch 11: Rich and Poor
(possessives, the Euro)
Ch 12: Car Trouble
Ch 13: Time for Fun
(past tense, contractions)
Ch 14: Home Life
(rooms, reflexives)
Ch 14: Staying Informed
(inanimate pronouns)


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