Streetwise Spanish (Book + 1CD)

Speak and Understand Colloquial Spanish

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November 15, 2005


Mixed media product, 336 pages


0071460861 / 9780071460866


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Main description

Easy lessons that help you speak Spanish like a native

This revised edition of Streetwise Spanish features an overview of the "signature" words that differentiate speakers across the Spanish-speaking world. It also includes an audio CD featuring 30 dialogs from the book, spoken by native speakers from more than 15 countries and exercises that test your grasp of key slang expressions.

Table of contents

1. ¡Hola, compa! ¿Qué onda? Greeting people, Asking how they are, Telling how you feel 2. No te hagas mala sangre Complaining about the weather and unfair treatment, Giving someone a piece of your mind Vocabulary and Culture: "Chilenismos" and Other Expressions of Spanish Diversity 3. ¡Vamos a vacilar! Making, accepting, and declining invitations 4. Oiga, señora, ¿dónde está el excusado? Getting someone's attention, Asking politely for information, Understanding directions, Introducing yourself Vocabulary and Culture: It Had to Be (Singular, Plural, Formal, Intimate, Sexual) You! 5. Porfa... Asking for a favor, Convincing or persuading someone to do something, Understanding short forms of words and expressions Repaso 1: Review of Chapters 1-5 6. ¡Qué flores me está echando! Giving and accepting compliments and praise, Gossiping Vocabulary and Culture: Names in Spain and Latin America 7. ¡Qué bárbaro! Telling a story, Expressing surprise 8. ¡Juntos pero no revueltos! Expressing love and affection, Using terms of endearment, Using the telephone Vocabulary and Culture: Talking about Sex 9. ¿Quién es ese tipo, el palancón? Describing people 10. ¡Qué cochinadas hacen! Using expletives and swear words to express affection, surprise, or displeasure, Communicating in slang across two different dialects Vocabulary and Culture: The Varying Uses of Spanish Swear Words Repaso 2: Review of Chapters 6-10 11. ¡Déjate de cuentos! Expressing disagreement 12. Cuente usted conmigo Giving encouragement, advice, and emotional support, Expressing sympathy Vocabulary and Culture: Some Expressive Qualities of Spanish 13. ¡Estoy hasta la madre! Expressing anger 14. Se me antojan unas tapas Expressing likes and dislikes, tastes and preferences, Starting a conversation, Changing the subject Vocabulary and Culture: Colorful Language in Spain 15. ¡Buen provecho! Ordering in a restaurant or bar, Making a toast Repaso 3: Review of Chapters 11-15 Appendix: Signature Words and Their Usages Answers to Exercises Spanish-English Glossary

Author comments

Mary McVey Gill and Brenda Wegmann are experienced teachers of Spanish and English as a Second Language. Together they have authored numerous textbooks and language-learning guides for Spanish and ESL.

Back cover copy

¡Agarra la onda!--learn the Spanish they speak en el calle.*

How would you ask "What's up?" in Cancun? How do they say, "Don't bug me!" in Punta Cana? And how would a Spaniard tell you to "Go jump in the lake!"? Spanish is spoken by more than 340 million people in twenty-three countries. And in each region, the people have their own special take on the language. Fortunately, with Streetwise Spanish, you can turn regional differences from "problems" into colorful expressions that add flair to your language and help you sound at home anywhere.

This audio edition of the bestselling guide takes you on a grand tour of everyday Spanish as it's spoken around the world. With the help of thirty dialogs, enacted by native speakers, it clues you in on the idioms, colloquialisms, slang, and vulgarisms currently used by Spanish speakers of all walks of life, from LA to Las Palmas, Madrid to Manila.

The best guide to everyday Spanish, Streetwise Spanish, Audio Edition tells you how with:

  • An audio CD featuring thirty dialogs spoken by Spanish speakers from more than fifteen countries--for authentic regional accents
  • Dozens of cartoons, jokes, and anecdotes
  • An overview of "signature" words differentiating speakers across the Spanish-speaking world
  • Engaging exercises that let you test comprehension and fine-tune skills
  • Articles explaining how cultural attitudes influence the use of slang
  • Vocabulary lists and a mini-dictionary

* Get with the program! (literally, Catch the sound wave!)--Learn the Spanish they speak on the street.

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