Jamestown Signature Reading, Student Edition, Level H

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February 13, 2004


Paperback, pages


0078617243 / 9780078617249


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Main description

Signature Reading is the cornerstone for building a student-centered learning experience -- a nine-level sequential program that uses self-assessments to help readers participate in and evaluate their own learning process. We’ve applied the best research on reading strategies to help you offer instruction before, during and after reading, freeing students to reach new levels of success.

Table of contents

Level H Student TextHow to Use This BookLESSON 1: "A Mare Called Lucky" by H. J. Hutchins
Making PredictionsLESSON 2: "The Parcel Post Kid" by Michael O. Tunnell
Following SequenceLESSON 3: "Mother and Daughter" by Gary Soto
Drawing Conclusions About CharactersLESSON 4: "Bears" by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Reading NonfictionLESSON 5: "A Greenland Rope Trick" by K. C. Tessendorf
Mapping Story ElementsLearning New WordsLESSON 6: "The Mysterious Treasure of Oak Island" by Seymour Simon
Following SequenceLESSON 7: "Raining Rocks?" by Patricia Lauber
Outlining Main Ideas and Supporting DetailsLESSON 8: "Arachne the Spinner Retold" by Geraldine McCaughrean
Identifying Causes and EffectsLESSON 9: "Ruth Handler: Filling a Need" by Jean F. Blashfield
Reading a BiographyLESSON 10: "Team Darby" (Part 1) by Geof Smith
Making PredictionsLearning New WordsLESSON 11: "Team Darby" (Part 2) by Geof Smith
Using Summaries to Make PredictionsLESSON 12: "What's in a Name?" by Martha Morss
Identifying Causes and EffectsLESSON 13: "The Thief's Story" by Ruskin Bond
Drawing Conclusions About CharactersLESSON 14: "Left-handers in a Right-handed World" by Dr. AlvinSilverstein and Virginia B. Silverstein
Comparing and ContrastingLESSON 15: "Five Words" by Pnina Kass
Drawing Conclusions About CharactersLearning New WordsLESSON 16: "Learning to Disobey" by Margery Facklam
Summarizing NonfictionLESSON 17: "Louis Braille and His Dots" by Paulette BochnigSharkey
Outlining Main Ideas and Supporting DetailsLESSON 18: "The Mammoth" by Michele G. Bounce
Mapping Story ElementsLESSON 19: "Mayday!" by Redvers Brandling
Making PredictionsLESSON 20: "A Trickle in the Desert" by Laila S. Khalil
Identifying Problems and Solutions in NonfictionLearning New WordsGraphing Your ProgressGlossary of Terms

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