Thermal Science

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July 17, 2012


Mixed media product, 480 pages

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Main description

A practical, illustrated guide to thermal science

A practical, illustrated guide to thermal science Written by a subject-matter expert with many years of academic and industrial experience, Thermal Science provides detailed yet concise coverage of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. The laws of thermodynamics are discussed with emphasis on their real-world applications.

This comprehensive resource clearly presents the flow-governing equations of fluid mechanics, including those of mass, linear momentum, and energy conservation. Flow behavior through turbomachinery components is also addressed. The three modes of heat transfer--conduction, convection, and radiation--are described along with practical applications of each.

Thermal Science covers:

  • Properties of pure substances and ideal gases
  • First and second laws of thermodynamics
  • Energy conversion by cycles
  • Power-absorbing cycles
  • Gas power cycles
  • Flow-governing equations
  • External and internal flow structures
  • Rotating machinery fluid mechanics
  • Variable-geometry turbomachinery stages
  • Prandtl-Meyer flow
  • Internal flow, friction, and pressure drop
  • Fanno flow process for a viscous flow field
  • Rayleigh flow
  • Heat conduction and convection
  • Heat exchangers
  • Transfer by radiation

Instructor material available for download from companion website

Table of contents

Ch 1. Foreword
Ch 2. Definitions
Ch 3. Properties of Pure Substances
Ch 4. Properties of Ideal Gases
Ch 6. Energy Conversion By Cycles
Ch 7. Gas Power Cycles

Ch 8. Flow-Governing Equations
Ch 9. Sonic Speed in Ideal Gases
Ch 10. Introduction of the Critical Mach Number
Ch 11. Continuity in Terms of the Critical Mach Number
Ch 12. Isentropic Flow Through Varying-Area Passages
Ch 13. Rotating Machinery Fluid Mechanics
Ch 14. Velocity Diagrams
Ch 15. Cross-Flow Area Variation
Ch 16. Supersonic Stator Cascade
Ch 17. Normal Shocks
Ch 18. Fanno Flow Process for a Viscous Flow Field
Ch 19. Rayleigh Flow
Ch 20. Dynamic Similarity (Similitude) Theory
Ch 21. Radial Equilibrium Theory

Ch 22. Introduction
Ch 23. Heat Conduction
Ch 24. Heat Convection
Ch 25. Lumped Parameter Analysis
Ch 26. Heat Transfer By Radiation

Appendix A: Analysis
Appendix B: Charts and Tables

Author comments

Erian A. Baskharone, Ph.D., is a Professor Emeritus of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University, and a member of the Rotordynamics/Turbomachinery Laboratory Faculty. He is a member of the ASME Turbomachinery Executive Committee. After receiving his Ph.D. degree from the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Baskharone became a Senior Engineer with Allied-Signal Corporation (currently Honeywell Aerospace Corporation), responsible for the aerodynamic design of various turbofan and turboprop engines. His research covered a wide spectrum of turbomachinery topics, including unsteady stator/rotor flow interaction, and the fluid-induced vibration problem in the Space Shuttle Main Engine. Dr. Baskharone's perturbation approach to the problem of turbomachinery fluid-induced vibration was a significant breakthrough. He is the recipient of the General Dynamics Award of Excellence in Engineering Teaching (1991) and the Amoco Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching (1992).

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