Robot Builder's Bonanza, 4th Edition (eBook)

Robot Builder\'s Bonanza, 4th Edition
By:McComb, Gordon;
Pub Date:April 22nd 2011
Format:Electronic book text 736 pages
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ISBN:0071750355 / 9780071750356
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The Bestselling Robotics Book--Now with New Projects and Online Tools!

"Amazing...should be required reading for any budding robot builder!" -GeekDad,

Have fun while learning how to design, construct, and use small robots! This richly illustrated guide offers everything you need to know to construct sophisticated, fully autonomous robots that can be programmed from your computer. Fully updated with the latest technologies and techniques, Robot Builder's Bonanza, Fourth Edition includes step-by-step plans that take you from building basic motorized platforms to giving the machine a brain--and teaching it to walk, talk, and obey commands.

This robot builder's paradise is packed with more than 100 affordable projects, including 10 completely new robot designs. The projects are modular and can be combined to create a variety of highly intelligent and workable robots of all shapes and sizes. Mix and match the projects to develop your own unique creations. The only limit is your imagination!

Robot Builder's Bonanza, Fourth Edition covers:

  • Parts, materials, and tools
  • Building motorized wooden, plastic, and metal platforms
  • Rapid prototyping methods
  • Drafting bots with computer-aided design
  • Constructing high-tech robots from toys
  • Building bots from found parts
  • Power, motors, and locomotion
  • Robots with wheels, tracks, and legs
  • Constructing robotic arms and grippers
  • Robot electronics and circuit making
  • Computers and electronic control
  • Microcontrollers--Arduino, PICAXE, and the BASIC stamp
  • Remote control systems
  • Sensors, navigation, and visual feedback
  • Robot vision via proximity, light, and distance

New! FREE online content at:

  • My First Robot tutorial lessons
  • Project parts finder
  • Animated, interactive learning tools
  • How-to videos, robot e-plans, bonus articles, links, and more

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  • Downloadable programs
  • RBB app notes
  • Bonus chapters

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Table of contents

Part 1--The Art and Science of Robot Building
Chapter 1. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Robotics
Chapter 2. Anatomy of a Robot
Chapter 3. Getting Parts
Part 2--Robot Construction
Chapter 4. Safety First (and Always)
Chapter 5. Building Robot Bodies--the Basics
Chapter 6. Mechanical Construction Techniques
Chapter 7. Working with Wood
Chapter 8. Build a Motorized Wooden Platform
Chapter 9. Working with Plastic
Chapter 10. Build a Motorized Plastic Platform
Chapter 11. Working with Metal
Chapter 12. Build a Motorized Metal Platform
Chapter 13. Assembly Techniques
Chapter 14. Rapid Prototyping Methods
Chapter 15. Drafting Bots with Computer-Aided Design
Chapter 16. Constructing High-Tech Robots from Toys
Chapter 17. Building Bots from Found Parts
Part 3--Power, Motors, and Locomotion
Chapter 18. All about Batteries
Chapter 19. Robot Power Systems
Chapter 20. Moving Your Robot
Chapter 21. Choosing the Right Motor
Chapter 22. Using DC Motors
Chapter 23. Using Servo Motors
Chapter 24. Mounting Motors and Wheels
Chapter 25. Robot Movement with Shape Memory Alloy
Part 4--Hands-on Robotic Projects
Chapter 26. Build Robots with Wheels and Tracks
Chapter 27. Build Robots with Legs
Chapter 28. Experimenting with Robotic Arms
Chapter 29. Experimenting with Robotic Grippers
Part 5--Robot Electronics
Chapter 30. Building Robot Electronics--the Basics
Chapter 31. Common Electronic Components for Robotics
Chapter 32. Using Solderless Breadboards
Chapter 33. Making Circuit Boards
Part 6--Computers and Electronic Control
Chapter 34. An Overview of Robot "Brains"
Chapter 35. Understanding Microcontrollers
Chapter 36. Programming Concepts: The Fundamentals
Part 7--Microcontroller Brains
Chapter 37. Using the Arduino
Chapter 38. Using the PICAXE
Chapter 39. Using the BASIC Stamp
Chapter 40. Interfacing Hardware with Your Microcontroller or Computer
Chapter 41. Remote Control Systems
Part 8--Sensors, Navigation, and Feedback
Chapter 42. Adding the Sense of Touch
Chapter 43. Proximity and Distance Sensing
Chapter 44. Robotic Eyes
Chapter 45. Navigating Your Robot
Chapter 46. Making and Listening to Sound
Chapter 47. Interacting with Your Creation
Chapter 48. Danger, Will Robinson
Appendix A--RBB Online Support
Appendix B--Internet Parts Sources
Appendix C--Mechanical Reference
Appendix D--Electronic Reference


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