McGraw-Hill's Conquering LSAT Logic Games, Third Edition

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June 11, 2010


Electronic book text, 228 pages

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0071717870 / 9780071717878

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Main description

We want to help you make sense of LAST logic games

You can learn to solve those tricky LSAT logic games--and we can teach you how to do it. McGraw-Hill's Conquering LSLASTogic Games shows you how to work through every game type, how to diagram logical relationships, and how to use targeted tools to answer questions quickly and easily. Every problem-solving technique in this book has been developed and refined by law school students who aced the LSLASTWhatever the game type, you'll learn the techniques you need to solve the most complex logic problems, find the correct answers, and raise your LSLASTcore.

McGraw-Hill's Conquering LSATLASTic Games includes:

  • 72 practice logic games with solutions
  • Logic tools to help you solve any kind of logic game
  • Diagramming techniques that you can use for every game type
  • The breakthrough Curvebreakers logic games solution methods

Table of contents

Introduction; Chapter 1. Formal Logic Games; Chapter 2. Sequencing Games; Chapter 3. Linear Games; Chapter 4. Complex Linear Games; Chapter 5. Grouping Games; Chapter 6. Mapping Games; Chapter 7. Pattern Games; Chapter 8. Minimized- and Maximized-Variable Games; Chapter 9. Practice Tests; Recap; Appendix A. All About the LSAT; Appendix B. Some Final Advice for Test-Takers

Author comments

Curvebreakers is a team of current or former Harvard Law students who scored in the top percentile on the LSAT.

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