Optical Technology

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June 5, 2011


Electronic book text, 400 pages

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007166792X / 9780071667920

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Main description

A practical, full-color guide to optical manufacturing

Featuring more than 300 full-color photos and illustrations, Optical Technology describes the basics of optics and optical materials and the methods and applications of optical manufacturing and assembly. Important procedures for the production of optical components and systems are examined in detail. Real-world examples demonstrate the potential of various manufacturing procedures, and end-of-chapter questions reinforce key concepts. This is an invaluable resource for optical designers and fabrication engineers and also a well-rounded introduction to optics and optical technology.

On the book's website are more than two hours of video featuring selected fabrication and assembly techniques, plus SagCalc, a practical fabrication-specific software.

Optical Technology covers:

  • Development of glass and optical production
  • Basics of optics
  • Optical materials, including mineral glass, organic glass, and crystals
  • Foundations of the manufacturing process
  • Primary forming of optical glass
  • Transforming methods
  • Cutting processes, including dividing, grinding, drilling, lapping, polishing, and centering
  • Ultra-precision processing, structuring, and cleaning
  • Coating with protective and optical layers
  • Material property changes, such as annealing, strengthening, aging, coloration, and phototropic effects
  • Joining processes, including blocking, clamping, and connecting optical elements
  • Selecting fabrication technologies based on required specifications

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Development of Glass and Optic Production
Chapter 2. Basics of Optics
Chapter 3. Optical Materials
Chapter 4. Foundations of the Manufacturing Process
Chapter 5. Primary Forming of Optical Glass
Chapter 6. Transforming Optical Glass
Chapter 7. Cutting
Chapter 8. Coating
Chapter 9. Material Property Changes
Chapter 10. Joining
Chapter 11. Selected Fabrication Technologies

Author comments

Jens Bliedtner is a professor in the Department of Science and Technology at the University of Jena in Germany.

Günter Gräfe is a professor in the Department of Science and Technology at the University of Jena in Germany.

Rupert Hector is a senior engineer at DRS Optronics, Inc., in Melbourne, Florida.

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