Cranes and Derricks, Fourth Edition

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October 12, 2010


Mixed media product, 688 pages

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Main description

The Definitive Handbook on Cranes and Derricks--Updated Per the Latest Standards and Equipment

Fully revised throughout, Cranes and Derricks. Fourth Edition, offers comprehensive coverage of the selection, installation, and safe use of cranes and derricks on construction sites. Written for both engineers and non-engineers by the principals of an engineering consulting firm that has helped to define the state-of-the-art in crane and derrick engineering, this authoritative guide discusses a wide range of equipment and the operations, capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages of each device. References to U.S. and international codes and standards are included in this practical resource, as well as a comprehensive glossary.

Cranes and Derricks, Fourth Edition, covers:

  • Lifting equipment theory and fundamentals
  • Crane and derrick types and configurations
  • Mobile crane practices for both crawler and wheel-based cranes
  • Multiple crane picks
  • Installation design for tower cranes
  • Jumping of tower cranes
  • Chicago boom, guy, gin pole, stiffleg, and other forms of derricks
  • Loads acting on cranes and the forces imposed by cranes on their supports
  • Analysis of wind using ASCE-37 and ASCE-7
  • Stability against overturning
  • Safety and risk management

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Basic Concepts and Components; Chapter 2. Crane and Derrick Configurations; Chapter 3. Loads and Forces; Chapter 4. Stability Against Overturning; Chapter 5. Mobile Crane Installations; Chapter 6. Tower Crane Installations; Chapter 7. Derrick Installations; Chapter 8. Controlling Risk; Appendix A: Conversions; Appendix B: Glossary; Appendix C: Exact Analysis of a Guyed Tower Crane; Appendix D: Boom and Jib Clearances; Appendix E: Codes and Standards Applicable to Cranes and Derricks; Index

Author comments

Lawrence K. Shapiro, P.E., is a principal of Howard I. Shapiro & Associates. A participant on national and international committees for writing crane standards, his field of practice includes tower and mobile crane installation design, scaffolding, shoring, forensic engineering, and construction planning.

Jay P. Shapiro, P.E., is a principal of Howard I. Shapiro & Associates, an engineering consulting firm. He has designed installations for mobile and tower cranes as well as derricks, primarily in New York City. Mr. Shapiro has been a member of the New York City Crane Advisory Council revising the NYC Building Code Reference Standard for Cranes & Derricks. His practice includes design of rigging for heavy lifts, travel of heavy equipment through buildings, shoring, and procedures for building demolition.

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