Optical Waveguide Modes: Polarization, Coupling and Symmetry

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February 17, 2010


Mixed media product, 208 pages

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0071622969 / 9780071622967


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Main description

A complete guide to optical waveguide modes

This in-depth work explains how transverse optical waveguide geometry influences field distribution and polarization properties. You will gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental physics of mode structure.

Optical Waveguide Modes covers single- and few-mode optical waveguides with an emphasis on single-core and multicore optical fibers and couplers, including a large range of geometries and anisotropies. Analysis is performed using extensions of the weak-guidance perturbation formalism together with elementary group representation theory. This definitive volume offers a detailed introduction to and classification of diverse forms of fundamental and higher-order modes and various polarization manifestations.

Coverage includes:

  • Electromagnetic theory for anisotropic media
  • Weak guidance for longitudinally invariant fibers
  • Circular isotropic longitudinally invariant fibers
  • Azimuthal symmetry breaking
  • Birefringence: linear, radial, and circular
  • Multicore and multifiber couplers

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction; Chapter 2. Electromagnetic Theory for Anisotropic Media and Weak Guidance for Longitudinally Invariant Fibers; Chapter 3. Circular Isotropic Longitudinally Invariant Fibers; Chapter 4. Azimuthal Symmetry Breaking; Chapter 5. Birefringence: Linear, Radial, and Circular; Chapter 6. Multicore Fibers and Multifiber Couplers; Chapter 7. Conclusions and Extensions; Appendix: Group Representation Theory; References; Index

Author comments

Dr. Richard J. Black is a leading authority on optical waveguide modes and applications. He is a founding member and chief scientist at Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems Corporation (www.ifos.com) and founder of OptoSapiens Design (www.optosapiens.com).

Dr. Langis Gagnon is a principle researcher and team leader for the Vision and Imaging team at CRIM (Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montréal).


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