25 Home Automation Projects for the Evil Genius

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January 10, 2007


Mixed media product, 288 pages


0071477578 / 9780071477574


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Main description


Your home may be your castle-but can it cook your dinner? Well, with the help of 25 Home Automation Projects for the Evil Genius, you can teach it to do just that, along with dozens of other affordable, enjoyable things that will transform your humble abode into a wickedly automated living environment.

But fear not-you don't need an engineering degree to complete the projects in this book. That's because technology maven Jerri L. Ledford skillfully provides you with a firm understanding of the basic wiring, networking, and equipment demands for home automation. She then leads you step by step through each application, offering clearly worded and heavily diagramed guidance that will truly satisfy your inner Evil Genius.

With the help of just a few household tools, you'll be able to bring info-age automation to:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Security and surveillance
  • Climate regulation
  • Entertainment systems
  • Personal reminders
  • Plant care
  • Remote monitoring of kids and pets
  • Keyless entry
  • Wireless TV
  • And many more!

Plus, you'll gain access to discounts from a variety of home automation product manufacturers, to make your projects even more economical. With 25 Home Automation Projects for the Evil Genius, easy living is now automatic!

Table of contents

INTRODUCTION TO HOME AUTOMATION Chapter 1: Lights Please: Indoor Lighting Chapter 2: Intruder Alert: Outdoor Lighting Chapter 3: Whole House Automation: Installing an X-10 System Chapter 4: It's Getting Hot in Here: Control Your Climate Chapter 5: Speak Up! Installing Voice Controls Chapter 6: What's at the Door? Installing a Surveillance Camera Chapter 7: Shhh...I'm on the Phone Chapter 8: Music Everywhere: Audio Controls Chapter 9: Is Anyone There? Installing an Occupancy Sensor Chapter 10: Today Is Trash Day: Automating Reminders Chapter 11: No More Dead Lawns: Automating Watering Systems Chapter 12: Watching from Afar: Monitoring Kids and Pets from Work Chapter 13: Hot and Ready: Preheat the Oven from Your Cell Phone Chapter 14: Who Let the Dogs Out: Creating Your Own Robo-Dog Chapter 15: For the Birds: Installing a Bird Feeder Cam Chapter 16: No Keys Necessary: Installing a Keyless Entry Chapter 17: Romantic Settings: Creating Grouped Tasks to Control Your Environment Chapter 18: Hello Dave: Creating Automation Personalization Chapter 19: TV Anywhere: Wireless Television Throughout Your House Chapter 20: Adding Sound Effects to Your Home Automation Chapter 21: Did I Close That Door? Installing an Automatic Garage Door Closer Chapter 22: Automating Your Hot Tub Chapter 23: Add a Little Humor to Your House Chapter 24: Connecting to Your Favorite Entertainment Chapter 25: Creating an Illusion of Occupancy: Vacation Controls APPENDIX A: AUTOMATION CHECKLIST APPENDIX B: HOME AUTOMATION RESOURCES GLOSSARY INDEX

Author comments

Jerri Ledford (Magee, MS) is a freelance writer with more than 10 years experience. She's had more than 700 articles appear in publications such as Intelligent Enterprise, Network World, Information Security Magazine, TechNet Magazine, and others. In addition to covering all aspects of business technology, Jerri writes and teaches technology courses for consumers at both Hewlett-Packard and CNET, and has written several consumer books, including The Rational Guide to Preventing Identity Theft (Rational Press, 2005), Cut the Cord! The Consumer's Guide to VoIP (Course Technology - a division of PTR, 2005), and The Personal Cybersecurity Bible (Course Technology, 2005.)

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