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Programming Smarter Robots

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January 11, 2006


Mixed media product, 287 pages


007144484X / 9780071444842


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Main description

Robotics is becoming an increasingly popular field for hobbyists and professionals alike. The cost of the mechanics and electronics required to build a robot are low enough that almost anybody can afford it. The hardware that used to require government funding or a large university is now available to the average person. At the same time, programming is becoming a more common skill. This book combines the most sophisticated parts of robotics and programming to fill a real gap in available information. Most robotics books today use microcontrollers as the "brains" of the robots. This approach is fine for smaller, less expensive projects, but has serious limitations. When attempting to build a robot with sophisticated movements, navigation abilities, vision, and picture-capturing abilities, it is better to use a single board computer (SBC) such as Linux as the controller.

Table of contents

Introduction Chapter 1: Starting Out Chapter 2: Electronics and Such Chapter 3: Internal Communication: The Control Network Chapter 4: Sensors Chapter 5: Behavioral Programming Chapter 6: Audio: Speaking and Listening Chapter 7: Vision: Seeing the World Chapter 8: Mapping and Planning: Where Is Here? and How Do We Get There From Here? Chapter 9: Artificial Neural Networks Chapter 10: Working Without a Wire APPENDIX A: ENerd Robotics Framework Code APPENDIX B: RESOURCES INDEX

Author comments

D. Jay Newman is a programmer, writer, and robot enthusiast. He has been interested in computers and robotics for as long as he can remember. This is his first book.

Back cover copy


If you want your robot to have more brains than microcontrollers can deliver -- if you want a truly intelligent, high-capability robot -- everything you need is right here. Linux Robotics gives you step-by-step directions for "Zeppo," a super-smart, single-board-powered robot that can be built by any hobbyist. You also get complete instructions for incorporating Linux single boards into your own unique robotic designs. No programming experience is required. This book includes access to all the downloadable programs you need, plus complete training in doing original programming.

Combining essential aspects of robotics and programming, this book/Website package from programmer/robot enthusiast D. Jay Newman for the first time empowers hobbyists to construct more intelligent, higher capacity robots. Use it to start designing and constructing your own superbot today.

Put More on Board with Linux

  • More sophisticated movements
  • Better vision and sensing
  • Greater behavioral flexibility
  • Upgraded image capture
  • Improved navigational skills
  • Smarter decision-making
  • Faster responses
  • And more

Access a Roboticist's Dream Website FREE with this book:

  • Downloadable software
  • Circuit examples
  • Solderless breadboard designs (no tools required)
  • Complete classes in behavioral and neural network programming, in Java

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