Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

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March 9, 2001


Electronic book text, 46 pages


0071388516 / 9780071388511

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Main description

The master key to unlock broadband technologies.

At last there’s a comprehensive, up-to-date, jargon-free guide ready to help you stay on top of the broadband revolution! Focusing on the convergence of telecommunications and computer technology, Broadband Telecommunications Handbook, by Regis J. “Bud” Bates, helps you make sense of your opportunities and choices in deploying basic telecommunications systems...virtual private networks...advanced intelligent integration (CTI)...paging systems and microwave...analog and digital cellular communications....Internet/Intranets/Extranets...broadband personal communications services...and much more. You also get time-saving decision support on:
*Signaling system #7
*Call center technologies and applications
*Frame Relay/ATM internetworking
*Cable TV systems and modem technologies plus xDSL data transmission solutions
*Data over power lines
*Real Time Transfer Protocols (RTTP)
*Much, much more

Back cover copy

Get the edge in telecommunications.

The telecommunications industry doesn’t stand still. Neither should you. To gain a solid overview of this fast-breaking field--one that can really benefit your work every day--no reference but the Broadband Telecommunications Handbook will do.

In this one-of-a-kind volume, renowned computing communications expert and instructor Bud Bates explains the ins and outs of the industry, taking a practical approach to using vital technologies and their applications. No matter what your position within the telecommunications field, whether you’re a network administrator or marketing manager, you’ll get all the latest coverage in communications, from basic to advanced topics, including what’s new in:

*Telecom, DSL technology, voice over IP, Wave Division Multiplexing
*XDSL Products, VPNs, Advanced Intelligent Networks, SONET, SS7, and PCS, and WDM

Heavily illustrated, and featuring a logical building-block organization, the Handbook considers the concept of a technology, looks at deployment issues, and then describes the use of the technologies as they are implemented. Consistent with the book’s straightforward, jargon-free format, you’ll find a special emphasis on key concepts and techniques for doing the job right.

If you want to gain a top-to-bottom understanding of the most advanced telecommunication technologies, the trick is knowing just where to start. Start here, with the Broadband Telecommunications Handbook.

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