Digital Television Fundamentals

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July 21, 2000


Mixed media product, 730 pages


0071355812 / 9780071355810


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Main description

Plain-talking intro to television's newest technology. Digital Television Fundamentals, Second Edition, by Michael Robin and Michel Poulin, is the ideal guide for everyone who deals with digital video production or equipment design - or who just wants to know how this new phenomenon works. Fully detailed and heavily illustrated, this easy-reading reference covers it all--from video and audio bit-serial distribution and ancillary data digital signal compression and distribution methods of coding and decoding. In this edition you'll find: multimedia television treatment covering technologies, hardware, systems, workstations, A/V signal processing, disk storage, servers, cameras, VCRs, CD-ROM, DVI--plus interconnections, multimedia software, systems, and applications and standardization activities; late-breaking information on the DTV standard and how it affects broadcasting equipment and operations; a focus on the importance of relevant SMPTE and CCIR-ITU standards; details on digital/analog equipment compatibility issues; much more!

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Basics of Television. Chapter 2. Analog Video Fundamentals. Chapter 3. Digital Video Fundamentals. Chapter 4. Elements of Acoustics. Chapter 5. Analog Audio Fundamentals. Chapter 6. Digital Audio Fundamentals. Chapter 7. Bit-Serial Signal Distribution and Ancillary Data Multiplexing. Chapter 8. Digital Signal Compression and Distribution. Chapter 9. Computers and Television. Chapter 10. Multimedia and Television. Chapter 11. Advanced Television (ATV) Concepts. Chapter 12. Transition to DTV. Index.

Author comments

Michel Poulin has gained his knowledge in the CBC Engineering laboratories, working for 14 years as a Technology Evaluation Engineer, then as a Supervising Engineer in charge of the Technology Evaluation Group. He is now with Leitch Technology International, in charge of the R & D laboratories and the Standards Compliance Group. He is an active participant in the SMPTE and IEEE standardization committee activities. He is a Fellow of the SMPTE. He is also co-author of the first edition of Digital Television Fundamentals, and lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Back cover copy

"Covers all major aspects of analog and digital professional/consumer products." --Jerry Whitaker, Editor in Chief, Video Systems magazine* *****"Detailed descriptions of algorithms, methods of coding/decoding. Highly recommended to everybody who deals with digital television production, digital video equipment design, or just wants to know exactly how it works." reader review The Bestselling Introduction to Digital Television Technology-- Updated & Expanded Digital Television Fundamentals Second Edition Design and Installation of Video and Audio Systems Explains all relevant SMPTE and CCIR-ITU standards Details SDTV and HDTV equipment compatibility issues Suggests transition scenarios from SDTV and DTV NEW TO THIS EDITION _ In-depth coverage of the DTV standard _ Digital/analog equipment issues _ Advances in digital distribution and processing _ DTV systems and applications _ Digital audio updates _ Transition scenarios to DTV Starting with the basics of how television works, this keystone reference clarifies the entire subject of analog and digital signal formats and updates you on the latest standards, technologies, equipment, and issues. Perfect for engineers, technicians, and other professionals working in digital video and audio, Digital Television Fundamentals guides you through fundamentals and leads you through sophisticated applications and compatibility questions. As the most comprehensive and heavily illustrated DTV guide out there, this much-needed resource covers the breadth of the field. Page after page, you'll find writing that's accessible to nontechnical staff or those who just want to understand how digital transmission happens. Designed to make every day on your job go more smoothly and easily, Digital Television Fundamentals can help you: Understand all aspects of the FCC DTV standard. Convert systems from analog to digital. Base costly technical decisions on solid information about where the industry is headed. Work with all major types of digital video and audio equipment. Handle bit-signal distribution and multiplexing Manage compression. Explain and apply relevant SMPTE and CCIR-ITU standards. Conceive and design the DTV scenario best suited to your budget and requirements. Written for those who want a leg up in their understanding of digital television, Digital Television Fundamentals is a step ahead of the competition--in breadth, in timeliness, in completeness, and in clarity. It's the marker for digital professionals who want to lead the field and stay on top of their business.

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