Operating Systems

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January 9, 2008


Hardback, 864 pages


0072957697 / 9780072957693


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Main description

After authoring a best-selling text in India, Dhananjay Dhamdhere has written Operating Systems, and it includes precise definitions and clear explanations of fundamental concepts, which makes this text an excellent text for the first course in operating systems.

Concepts, techniques, and case studies are well integrated so many design and implementation details look obvious to the student. Exceptionally clear explanations of concepts are offered, and coverage of both fundamentals and such cutting-edge material like encryption and security is included. The numerous case studies are tied firmly to real-world experiences with operating systems that students will likely encounter.

Table of contents

Part 1: Overview1 Introduction2 the OS, the Computer and User Programs3 Overview of Operating Systems4 Structure of Operating SystemsPart ll: Process Management5 Processes and Threads6 Process Synchronization7 Scheduling8 Deadlocks9 Message Passing10 Synchronization and Scheduling in Multiprocessor Operating SystemsPart lll: Memory Management11 Memory Management12 Virtual MemoryPart lV: File Systems and I/O Management13 File Systems14 Implementation of File Operations15 Security and ProtectionPart V: Distributed operating Systems16 Distributed Operating Systems17 Theoretical Issues in Distributed Systems18 Distributed Control Algorithms19 Recovery and Fault Tolerance20 Distributed File Systems21 Distributed System Security

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